Prepare for mt. kazbek climb

Mount Kazbek climb 

Many people visit the Kazbegi region to climb the mountain  Kazbek in summer because it is the high season for climbing. come to Mt. Kazbek expedition to mount  KazbekClimbing to Mt. Kazbek   Mt. Kazbek is possible for everyone who does not have a health problem and they are in good physical shape. It is better if you have before mountain experience or you climbed some mountains, but is not the main priority. Especially, when you have a mountain guide, who knows every stone and reached the top of Kazbek more, than hundred times.

Our climbing company MTA has 15 years’ experience when nobody know before if mount Kazbek was in Georgia and then copied our services and opened a  so-called agency. Before they worked with us and repaired our bicycles.

When you want to reach o the top of Kazbek. important thing is to be a good weather conditions and always it is better if you have  mountain guide.

Mount Kazbek

Mount Kazbek (5047)

Mount Kazbek or Kasbek, also called Mqinvartsveri is a dormant volcano, one of the highest peaks of the Caucasus and the third highest mountain.  The first time Kazbek was climbed by Duglas Freshfield was in 1868. After that, the successful ascent of Mount Kazbek is the climb of famous Georgian scientist G. Nikoladze in 1923.

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Mount Kazbek height

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Mount Kazbek kazbek climb



Mount Kazbek height is 5047 m.

The best time to climb Mount Kazbek

The best time to climb mount Kazbek is between  June to the middle of September. The best season is during these months. Frequent change of weather is not ruled out even at this time, but a successful climb is still possible during this period. Too many people climb to the top of Mt. Kazbek at this time.

 Mount Kazbek difficulty


The most common route to the summit is not very technically difficult and rated at a PD. The climb mostly involves glacier walking until you reach the crux then about 100 meters of easy ice climbing  (no steeper than 40 degrees) to the summit.

Mt. Kazbek is not highest mountain in Georgia, does not require special trainings and you do not need a good mountain experience. It’s just hiking. For the mountain climbers is very easy to climb to the top. Top of the mountain is steeper and  climb there is sometimes a problem, who has health problem. For the security we advice you to hire mountain guide, who will help you in every difficulties. I am sure that with our experienced mountain guides you will have a great Kazbek expedition. To choose local guides service is always better, because they know every stones there up and you will be safe during whole expedition. The guides have big Mountaineering knowledge and you are without a doubt that you can reach to the top of  mount Kazbek.



 Mount Kazbek weather


As you know, the weather in the mountains is changing rapidly. Mount Kazbek is no exception. Kazbegi mountain weather  can change at any time. For this we can use the weather forecast websites, which to some extent may coincide with reality. From my 14 years of experience it does not often match and may change several times during the day. When the weather changes and visibility is less or it is difficult to understand the road in no way can be risked to begin the climb to Mt. Kazbek. In such weather, especially if we do not have a guide, it can be very dangerous for us. At such times you should definitely postpone climbing the glacier or wait for the weather to improve. It is necessary to have a GPS with us and monitor the weather forecast every minute to make sure how safe our climb to the glacier will be. By no means should we risk our lives. Because the danger is less and even many inexperienced people manage to climb. Of course, I will repeat that having a guide is very important, because no one knows when we may face difficulties and if we do not have a guide, it will cause a lot of problems. At this time we must definitely have very good quality proper equipment to help us in times of difficulty. We also need to know in advance all the necessary information, which is a necessary component to have a successful climb to the glacier. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. Our agency will help you to get all kinds of information to explain every detail of the route and you can also rent all the necessary climbing gear of the best brands with us.

That means you should expect any kind of weather conditions. Anything can happen in the mountains. Those who already climbed to Kazbek mountain or other ones, they know it is important to have all the necessary items, which will be useful during climbing. Let’s start with the fact that it is very important to have the best climbing equipment, Lack of proper mountain equipment can endanger our lives. Good brand equipment will add a sense of calm to even the most inexperienced person, who is the first time in the mountains.

Climbing equipment rental 

Every climbing gear what is needed for the climbing, you can see on our website. We have great brands of equipment. In case of advance reservation discount is possible.

It is essential to have the best equipment when you climb to Mt. kazbeg, without which it is simply unthinkable to climb a mountain safely. You should know in advance what equipment you need during the expedition, or contact us and we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information about what you need during your expedition and what you should be informed about.
First of all it is necessary to have the equipment of the best brands. In our agency we have equipment of world leading brands such as: Petzl, Mammut, Salewa and many others. We never risk or endanger people’s lives to save money and bring poor quality equipment to the agency. Doing so will not hurt us, but endanger the lives of people we will never do.

When the season is at its peak, we have too many groups, at which time pre-booking is necessary as there may no longer be a sufficient amount of equipment. So I recommend you write to us in advance. In addition, we have been in relationships with many companies for 15 years and they know that we always have the best choice. They even call or write to us months in advance and I consider it my obligation to have the best choice for them always. Also keep in mind that for our groups who are planning an expedition from us, we always make the best discounts for you. So buying the whole package with us costs you much cheaper than anywhere else.

Climb mount Kazbek

Successful climbing

First of all I would like to tell you that when a person loves nests and adventures, they are more eager and it is not a big difficulty for them to make a decision to climb a mountain. They do not even need to think and hesitate. On the contrary, they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the season and are completely immersed in preparing. Gather all the information in advance from websites, friends, forums and dream of a new adventure time coming soon. However, some do not even for the first time, but climb the donkey several times and climb the same mountain. This is a lot of adrenaline.
For example, I love to travel. Do not let this pandemic process be a bit complicated, but I can travel more throughout Georgia. I do not have much time for this because the company needs too much time. Mentally too much workload and it takes almost too much energy, but I do it with great pleasure because it is 14 years old and now I am starting 15 seasons, and I love my job so much, I often do not even feel tired. I drink coffee and keep working.
Thanks to all my clients for this, who give me great encouragement.
I have had many joys, many difficulties during these years. Sometimes I even meet a person who is unhappy, but I try to love everyone.

It is always better to climb mount Kazbek with a mountain guide, who knows every stones of the way. Especially when mount is new for you and before you did not climbed there. Such I explained above, Kazbek is not technically difficult, and you see crevasses, which are open, but without having a mountain guide it is always possible to have a problem, that you can not solve alone. When you have a mountain guide you are protected from any danger. When the weather changes and  the road is not visible at all. The weather can often change during the day. Reaching the top of Mount Kazbek is not always possible without an experienced guide.

Useful information’s about  climbing Mt. Kazbek

Certified mountain guides

You can  pre-search online and get the best advice through it about mount kazbek climb, but I think my 15 years of experience will be full of no less interesting information for you and I think if you take it into account, you will not be lost.
To tell you the truth, it is not easy for me to give you all the information in a way that is interesting for you and also useful. Maybe they even missed something, but I will try my best to make them very helpful to you.
The fact that I definitely consider having a mountain guide during your Kazbek expedition. This simplifies your expedition so much that you literally do not need much effort if you plan to go to the mountains with a guide and you are completely entrusted with it and the guide solves the main problems.
Their experience are so great, you will be delighted.  I certainly do not work with guides who do not know their job well and treat our company clients in a dishonest manner.  I gained a lot of experience over 15 years and got rid of a number of guides who noticed such irresponsibility. That’s why I left guides whom I blindly trust and trust in the lives of others.

How to start preparing for the expedition?


We offer mount kazbek tours for which you plan, which choice is acceptable for you.

Either you are just going to go alone or with some friends  or with a group you can join.

Let’s first consider the tour you are planning to privatize. To do this, you just take a look at our mountain expedition. The required services that you request may not be fully listed here. Write to us how you think the successful implementation of your tour will be organized and we will change the details, add the necessary components for you and so we will organize your mountain climb on the Mount Kazbek. Mount Kazbek expedition  


Mt. Kazbek

Climb Mt. Kazbek  definitely requires physical strength and it is better along with this if you have experience in mountaineering and climbing. This will definitely help you to successfully complete your expedition to Mt. Kazbek.
The process of being in the mountains is very pleasant, and at the same time, those who come from big cities and end their tiring living conditions for a while, it is more special for them to return with such impressions, whose pleasant memories you will leave in life.

Location of our company MTA Mountain Travel Agency

The company is located directly in the center of Kazbegi. On the opposite side of the monument to Al. Kazbegi, on the second floor of a three-storied  building. Address: Al. Kazbegi Street, Number 28, Second Floor, Mountain Travel Agency MTA.
Outside in the yard there are are banners in blue and white colors.  You enter the yard where there is also a sign banner and you go up to the second floor.

Mountain Travel Agency MTA

  Before you climb mount Kazbek

You come to us and if you have a pre-planned expedition with us, you will all meet at the agency and in addition your certified mountain  guide who will be with you throughout the tour. He will definitely check your climbing equipment and talk to you about all the important details that you should definitely know in advance. Our guides speak very well the languages ​​you want, so it will be very easy for you to get in touch with them and get any advice.
I also recommend what food to take, how many days to spend in the mountains, what difficulties we may encounter. Do not be afraid of this, because the guide will ride you because any difficulties you may encounter while in the mountains, the guide will always help you, and also if you go without a guide, everything will be fine, only caution is required and all conditions are taken into account. You will be informed by us.
We will collect all the necessary equipment together, if you do not go with a guide, my colleagues will definitely teach you in the company how to use the equipment. You will also get all the extra information you need for an expedition: for example, how to set up a route, what to take, how to behave in bad weather or sight when you are short. Where to spend the night. Acclimatization how to go through and so on.
Early in the morning after breakfast we leave the guesthouse. It is better between 8-9 hours, because climbing the meteostation  takes about 7-8 hours, and on the way you have to rest for a while, because the road is tiring and uphill.
Everyone can walk to Meteo station, especially in summer and in good weather conditions. However, you must have warm clothes, food and water with you.
Provide everything the day before, as the morning shops are not open very early in the morning and this will cause an unforeseen problem. If you forgot something the day before, do not go unplanned and definitely solve these problems before leaving in the morning.
My advice is to drive to Sameba Trinity church as this will save you energy and time.


It is possible to rent a car with us and we will definitely offer you cheaper prices than you can see elsewhere. In the case of our groups we offer this as a present, you do not pay the amount if you plan the whole tour and car rental in this case is a gift from us along with other discounts.
Neither walking is a big problem to Sameba Trinity church. If you go by car, the maximum climbing time is 20 minutes, walking time is max. 1 hour, depending on the person’s physical abilities and the weight of the luggage.

In case of walking you go in the direction of Gergeti. First you have to cross the small bridge and from where you start the village of Gergeti, on the left side of the bridge, from where you can see the beautiful views of the Trinity Cathedral. The village is a bit of an uphill road to the end, not too difficult, just climb up and start the ascent from the end of the sweat. Here you will find several paths and decide which way you prefer to climb to the temple. One is the driveway and a bit longer, the other — shorter but more uphill. You may meet dogs on the road, but you should not be afraid of them. They are very used to people.

This road is about 1 hour and you will see the beautiful Sameba Trinity church, which was built in the 14th century and is one of the most beautiful in Georgia.
Around him you can relax a bit, take beautiful photos. Fill bottles with water. And follow the path up in the direction of the glacier. It takes 2 hours more about. When you cross the glacier, it is better if you use the crampons. Sometimes people do not use them because it seems it’s not so difficult, but just for safety I advice you to use them especially when it’s iced.

In about 3 hours you will see a very beautiful newly built building, it is Altihut, it is  3014 m. Where you can spend the night and also enjoy delicious meals. Many people can not afford to stay there because of the high prices. Especially those who travel on a small budget and in this case they stay outside in tents or continue directly on the road to Meteo station.

You can relax here for a while, have lunch, take beautiful photos, fill bottles with water and so continue on your way upstairs.
Especially if your rucksacks are too heavy and you have to wear them.
Of course with us it is possible to rent a horse and carry luggage you will no longer have to carry luggage, but most do not have the funds to do so and have to carry quite heavy luggage with their own hands, about 18-20 kg. At least. It’s certainly not a pleasant process, but in the mountains you need to take all the necessary items as well as food.

Along the way you will meet a number of groups, especially during peak season.

Mount Kazbek tour

Before you reach the meteorological station, on the way you will meet several small rivers that you have to cross. Of course this is not a big problem but you can get very wet and if you decide to spend the night inside the meteorological station, ask your colleagues there to help you dry your wet clothes.

Especially keep in mind that during the summer, when thousands of people go to the mountains, it is very difficult to book seats inside Meteo station. There have been cases when people ask us to book places, it becomes completely impossible to help them because we can not find even one free place at all.
So my advice is to write to us or call us in advance so we can help you. If the seats are not free, then you will have to stay outside in tents.
Mostly groups spend the night outside. For them it is more convenient and low-budget.
You can or should bring them or you can rent  in our company.
Sometimes in bad weather and especially when there is a strong wind, poor quality tents can not withstand it, so we always have very good rented tents and sleeping bags.

Acclimatization day

before the expedition to Mt. Kazbek

Mount Kazbek expedition

Early in the morning, after breakfast, accompanied by a mountain  guide, you start acclimatizing, which is necessary before the climb to Mount Kazbek, as you test your abilities, how ready you are to climb the kazbek  mountain. This is by no means a complicated process. If you have a guide, he will teach you how to use the equipment, how to tie the rope, how to adjust the belt, in what case and when to use the trowel and so on. Without a guide you will have to do these procedures yourself, however you can use the advice of friends, or ask others there and thus acclimatize.


As you know, the meteo station is about 3650 m. You are about 4000-4100. At altitude and back to the meteo station. It takes about 2-3 hours. Some do not return to Meteo and continue directly on the plateau, where they spend the night and from there cross the mountain. Many groups do this, however you should keep in mind that it is much colder there and you should be prepared for this in advance. Most of them even go back and make their way out of the mountain from there.

Before you go to the mountain, you should especially check the weather forecast. In the mountains you can not predict in advance what the weather will be like. To do this, we often use different sites where basically the 3 day rate is more or less accurate.


Climb Mt. Kazbek

From my 14 years of experience people who often climb to the mountains, they often ask for mountain guides, then those, who first time are going to climb the mount. Because they know how many dangers may encounter during the expedition. However part of people think that mount Kazbek climb price is very expensive and they can not pay. I think sometimes it is problem, especially for the students, but I think without mountain guide it’s always risk to climb to the summit.

Mount Kazbek expedition

Mt. Kazbek climb


If the weather forecast shows that the weather is good and it is possible to go up the mountain, we begin our ascent to Kazbek at around 2 a.m. Before that you should once again check the equipment to get ready to go mountaineering. Along with all the other necessary equipment it is essential to have a forehead flashlight and helmet as cracks and crevasses will definitely meet and you should definitely have these.

Also check all the necessary ones so that you do not miss anything. Also, bring only water and some food.
The climb to the mountain takes about 6 hours. You are on the mountain at around 8 am, if you are physically fit and have experience climbing the mountain, you may be able to do it in less time. If you are with a group, it also depends on their physical shape..
Before climbing the peak, you will meet a place called Plateau. From here the use of all equipment is essential.
The road is cracked, which in case of fresh snow is covered and not visible, so you have to be very careful. In summer because there are a lot of people, they follow the path and if you follow them back, the process of climbing the mountain becomes easier.
Before you climb the glacier, there is another place we call the Khmaura. There is a danger of falling stones sometimes, but our guides know this very well and wrestling with them with a rope will avoid many problems. I find it very necessary and important to use a helmet especially in such places.

How to organize Mt. kazbek expedition

At 8 o’clock in the morning you are already fulfilling a long dream and from the Mt. Kazbek overlooks the beautiful views below. You will take beautiful photos. This is a very enjoyable process.
Stop for about 30-40 minutes and start arriving down in the direction of Meteo station. You will need about as much time as you can climb, maybe a little less.


Mount Kazbek tour

Climb Mount Kazbek

The second option, when you want to join our open expedition, see the tour offer here: Mount Kazbek open expedition.

This season 2022 we have great discounts for the expeditions to Mt. Kazbek, especially for the groups. You need only write to us, explain details and your suitable services and we will organize them any time, when you prefer.

We also organize climbing in other mountains of  Georgia, such as: Shkhara, Ushba, Tetnuldi,Laila with professional mountain guides.

Mount Kazbek and Elbrus expedition.

Mount Kazbek (5054m).  such as Mt. Elbrus is a dormant volcano. Mt. Kazbek is the third-highest peak in Georgia and the seventh-highest volcano. The summit lies directly to the west of the town of Stepantsminda. Mount Kazbek is a Russian name. The name in Georgian is Mqinvartsveri, which translates to “Glacier Peak”.

Mt. Elbrus (5642 m) is the highest and most prominent peak in Russia and Europe. It is situated in the western part of the Caucasus and is the highest peak of the Caucasian Mountains. It is situated in the Russian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria.

Mt. Kazbek and Elbrus are mountains, where lots of people dream to climb. Every season we have lots of individuals or groups who want to climb to the peak of the mountain. Our mountain guides with their experience and love the mountains picked up thousands of people on the summit in 14 years. Sometimes it happens that people without any experience risk climbing to the top without mountain guides and it’s a very big mistake. We always explain to them that maybe it will be a problem. Mount Kazbek Georgia is known that is not technically difficult, but an unknown mountain always makes problems, when people do not know, what to do in case of bad weather for example. Mount Kazbek climb difficulty does not mean, that climb is very easy there. It requires a big safety and always is better to hire a mountain guide.


Certified mountain guides


We offer both mountain climbs. Of course, it is possible if you choose one of them and want to climb each mountain separately, but you can also plan to climb both mountains in one tour at the same time, which will prolong the pleasure of being on the mountain and get more adrenaline. It is a very important thing what you have to know in advance and about this, I mentioned above, you need to be in good physical shape and do not have health problems.

Decide if you want to climb both mountains and write to us or call us in advance and we will gladly plan both expeditions with the best services.

We have the most experienced certified guides with whom you will gain extensive experience and most importantly, you will be safe under their care.

Be sure to note that you must have a visa, as this is a necessary requirement on the Georgian-Russian border, and without it, it is impossible to climb Elbrus.

If you have a problem with this issue, please contact us in advance and we will help you resolve this issue. The best time to organize these expeditions is from July to the middle of September, when it is a high season and in most cases, it is good weather for climbing.

Although it is not technically difficult and does not require special mountain experience. Mount Elbrus climbing is easier than Mt. Kazbek and both mountains do not require special efforts and mountain experiences. First of all, it is necessary to be physically healthy and not to have a breathing problem. Of course, it is better if at the same time you have the experience of climbing and you are prepared and know the techniques of climbing. This will definitely help you to successfully carry out your mountain expedition. During your expedition, our certified climbing guides will give the maximum effort to assist and serve you throughout the whole way. This is a truly unforgettable climbing experience that anyone can get and lasts in your memories of your life! We guarantee that climbing on both mountains will leave the top impressions on you and your companions. The magnificent views, clean air, and nature will surround you!. We always care about providing the highest level of security to our customers and make sure that every climbing expedition ends up at the highest point. Our mountain guides who we provide assist the climbers to speak very good English, Russian, and German. They know mountains better than anyone.

mountain guide


Our objective is to keep every individual happy and satisfied. We carefully assess what customers need, what their preferences are.



 Kazbegi day hike (hiking in Stepantsminda)

We organize:

Every day buses at 9 a.m  to Truso, Juta Gveletiand Dariali.

1 erson price-35 Gel.

The best day hikes in Georgia.

Tours near Kazbegi:

Sameba Trinity church

Sameba Trinity church is one of the temples in Kazbegi district, and is recognized worldwide as one of the most beautiful sights. It was built in the 14th century. People from all over the world come to visit it.
When you enter the center of Stepantsminda, such a beautiful sight unfolds of the Mount Kazbek against the backdrop of Sameba Trinity church one can not admire its beauty.
First of all, what every visitor does is definitely visit this temple.
Climbing there is very easy and has no difficulty.
You do not need much time to visit it. In just 2-3 hours you can go up, visit the temple and get back down. Most go upstairs on foot, which is not a big problem at all.
The road starts from Stepantsminda. Just 50 meters from the center, cross a small bridge in the direction of Gergeti and start walking.
The village of Gergeti itself is a very small village. You follow the road to the end of the village, this road is paved and its passage is not difficult. If you arrive in the morning, you will meet lots of people and groups on the way, who, just like you, go to visit the temple, or have to continue the journey after visiting the temple on ice or at Meteo station, and plan to climb Mount Kazbek.


It can be visited at any time of the year. Especially lots of people visit during the summer. However, a completely different feeling is caused by his visit in winter in my opinion. It is amazing to watch her from below.
You do not need special training on the road, as it takes 2-3 hours to visit and return.
If it is a rainy and cold day, take a shower with you. It may be sunny weather at the time of departure and change after just a few minutes. You can not predict this in advance, because it is difficult to accurately predict the weather in the mountains.
It is better if you wear sticks. True, this is not a necessary condition, but you still have to climb and it is better to have them with you. From Gerget end there are several paths leading up to Sameba Trinity church. One of them is the driveway, where lots of cars you will encounter during peak season. It goes through the second forest and there is a shorter way, but there you will have to walk on a bigger hill and there is more fatigue. There is another short way and from here it is better in my opinion to climb.
If you go very early, for example around 6 o’clock in the morning, this is the time when the sun is just beginning to rise and the temple seems to be immersed in the sun and a whole other spectacle unfolds before your eyes. Going like this in the morning is not necessary at all, because as I mentioned above, you do not need much time to visit it and come back. This is in case you want to see the sunrise and the temple seen in totally different colors, however you can also meet the sunrise from the guesthouse and take some very nice photos. Trust me you will have very beautiful memories in life.

When you reach the last ascent, such a beauty unfolds before your eyes, you breathe a sigh of relief. The beautiful nature and wild beauty around you will amaze you.
Climbing Trinity is also possible by car and can be climbed in just 20 minutes, but walking up allows you to see more beautiful places.
Our agency offers car service almost every day to Trinity, as well as to visit all the most beautiful places in the region. To do this, you must visit our company or write to us in advance.

mount kazbek climb



Gvelety waterfalls

 Gveleti waterfalls

Juta village

Juta village


Truso valley

Truso valley

Dariali gorge, Sabertse, Tsdo village, Sioni.

Every day we have taxis to other parts of the region.

You can contact us, that we could reserve taxi to Truso valley, Juta village and other sides.

Every day at 9 o. clock our cars  drive you to these villages and about 6-7 p.m they will take you back to Stepantsminda.

Georgia trekking tours are especially for them, who wants to visit Kazbegi and can not reach to mountain Kazbek.


Hike to Sabertse


The trail starts from  Stepantsminda village. You cross the Tergi river, and then follow the road to Gergeti village. There are some routes to continue the way to The Gergeti Trinity Church. Maximum time to reach to the Church is not more than 1 an hour.

Hiking to Gergeti Glacier is a full day hike, max. 7-8 hours both ways. You have to take with you some snacks and water while you reach to Sabertse. It’s also possible to fill the water near the Sameba Trinity church and up to near Gergeti glacier.

The climb up to the glacier is a very good experience for everybody who likes mountains and visit beautiful sightseeing’s. It’s an easy and amazing adventure trip and does not require special effort. You can make it in one day. But it is also possible make it in 2 days. The first day you walk up to Sabertse, where is new hut called Altihut, it is new and very comfortable, overnight inside and get also very tasty meals and second day return back to Stepantsminda. If you do not have enough money you can overnight in tents.

Very important you have to take with you warm and waterproof clothes because sometimes in the morning you see it is a perfect weather, but very often it changes and in some hours you see that it gets stormy and rain and you are cold. I advice to take every important  things and clothes, especially when you go up and up to the direction of Meteo station.



Chaukhi pass 

Roshka hiking from Stepantsminda

Hiking in Stepantsminda

Svaneti trekking

Skiing in Georgia

Kazbegi in winter is very nice to see.

Winter time we organize skiing in Georgia.  Kazbegi snow season is open now,  you need only call us and we happily will organize every services for winter season in Georgia. For these options you have to contact us by email and we will organize every expeditions and tours.

Day hikes from Tbilisi also possible from our agency.

Our guides will meet you and you will spend the best time with them. They can show you many beautiful places of Tbilisi. You will visit old Tbilisi and also other nice parts of the town.

After that you can reach to Kazbegi from Didube station.

There are Tbilisi Kazbegi buses almost in every hour.

We offer best options of these hiking tours with guides, who will walk or drive with you all day time. For these hiking or driving tours  in Kazbegi we have the lowest prices not only in our region, also in whole Georgia. You can check everywhere and contact us.You just call us and we will help for organizing this kind of tour.

For us is very important if you send us your stories about your mountain experience with or without guides. We will definitely read them and if you wish, we will publish them in our blog.




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