Climbing equipment rental

When you and your beloved friends come for a climbing tour to Kazbek mountain and its surrounding you may require to rent all necessary climbing equipment. It is much more convenient to rent it after the arrival because taking so much staff with you via an airplane is very complex. You perhaps will have to pay lots of money for overweight as well as your travel may not be very comfortable. For that reason, we can provide each client who books the expedition with us with high quality equipment that can be used during your vacation.  We provide both climbing equipment rental and ski equipment rental for our clients.

The fairs can vary, which is depended on the part of the season you decide to travel as well as discounts are available for groups. You would be better to contact us in advance and request the estimate quote of equipment rental prices in at our company. At the same time, some packages may include providing the equipment, so it is also depended on what exactly have been chosen. All in all, it does not very expensive and we guarantee you the best prices that you can find in the region.

Climbing equipment pick up is possible from our office: Mountain Travel Agency MTA

Our office is located in Stepantsminda: Kazbegi str.29

You can visit our office in Stepantsminda or email us in advance for reservation of climbing equipment and we will reserve all the necessary equipment for your expeditions.

To make a reservation, contact us by e-mail:

or on our Facebook profile:  Mountain Travel Agency MTA.

Thousands of satisfied clients already used snow equipment rental from us and were very happy to recommend our services to their friends as well as left plenty of positive feedbacks!

If you need help, please email us and we will advise you in choosing the right equipment for your trip.

MTA provides climbing equipment rental for Mount Kazbek

During the climbing Mt. Kazbek, Mt. Chaukhi, Mt. Ortsveri

Equipment Price
1 set:  Crampon, ice axe, harness, 2 carabineers, helmet, poles 45 Gel
1 set: Crampon, ice axe, harness, 2 carabineers, helmet, poles, mountain boots 70 Gel
Crampon 10 Gel
Ice axe 10 Gel
Harness 10 Gel
Locking carabineers 5 Gel
Climbing rope 15-20 Gel
Mountain shoes 25 Gel
Helmet 10 Gel
Belay device 10 Gel
Ice screws 10 Gel
Headlamp 7 Gel
Sunglasses 10 Gel
Goggles 10 Gel
Waterproof gloves 10 Gel
Backpack big 10 Gel
Backpack small 7 Gel
Tent for 2  or 3 persons 20 Gel
Sleeping bag 10 Gel
Mat 5 Gel
Jacket 10 Gel
Pants 10 Gel
Balaclava 5 Gel
Gaiters 10 Gel
Trekking poles 10 Gel
Rain coat 8 Gel
Gas big 35 Gel
Gas stove 5 Gel

Possible discount: from 20 %.

All rental charges you can use cash, Visa or Master Card. Please make an online reservation before  3 weeks of your scheduled trip departure.

Please make an online reservation before 3 weeks of your scheduled trip departure

The best time to visit Kazbegi.

The rock climbing tours are organized in the region of Kazbegi, which is located approximately 160 km. from Tbilisi – the capital of Georgia. It usually takes two and a half hours to reach the place. The actual place of your arrival will roughly be  3 km/ from the Kazbegi mountain itself, so the locations is clearly regarded as very convenient. The tours can be organized in any of offered 30 sporting lines as well as 2 multi pitches, which are in international and France grade are classified as 5a/7a. There is ski gear rental is obviously offered to every individual who comes to the place.

It is argued that the best time to visit the region for climbing is from June to October but you can come to the place virtually at any time during any season. It becomes apparent that it if you come for skiing holidays it is much better to arrive during the winter. Over the course of all these time rental equipment, rental of gear is always possible. We use only well-known and reliable brands that guarantee you comfort and safety during your holiday, so that you have the sweetest moments left in your memory for a very long time! Whenever you choose the package or go for individual rental, mountain equipment deals will vary slightly depended on the season you travel but it is not substantial. Therefore, please do not hesitate and book the trip of your lifetime with us to one of the most gorgeous places in the world!