Climbing equipment rental

mountain equipment

It is much more convenient to rent mountain equipment  after arrival because taking so much stuff with you via an airplane is very complex. You perhaps will have to pay lots of money for overweight as well as your travel may not be very comfortable. For that reason, we can provide each client who books the expedition with us with high-quality equipment that can be used during your expedition.  

It is essential to have the best equipment when climbing, without which it is simply unthinkable to climb a mountain safely. You should know in advance what you need during the expedition, or contact us and we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information about what you need during your Mt. Kazbek expedition and what you should be informed about.

All rental charges you can use cash, Visa or Master Card. Please make an online reservation   1 month before of your  expedition departure.
First of all, it is necessary to have the equipment of the best brands. In our agency, we have equipment from world-leading brands such as Petzl, Mammut, Salewa, and many others. We never risk or endanger people’s lives to save money and bring poor-quality equipment to the agency. Doing so will not hurt us, but endanger the lives of people we will never do.

Email us or at least 1 month before you arrive. When the season is at its peak, we have too many groups, at which time pre-booking is necessary as there may no longer be a sufficient amount of equipment. So I recommend you write to us in advance. In addition, we have been in relationships with many companies for 15 years and they know that we always have the best choice. They even call or write to us months in advance and I consider it my obligation to have the best choice for them always. Also keep in mind that for our groups who are planning an expedition from us, we always make the best discounts for them. So buying the whole package with us costs you much cheaper than anywhere else.


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Thousands of satisfied customers already used our climbing equipment rental service  and they’re very happy to recommend our services to their friends as well as left plenty of positive feedback!

MTA provides climbing equipment rental for Mount Kazbek

Climbing equipment rental


Climbing equipment rental

1 set:  Crampon, ice axe, harness, 2 carabineers, helmet, walking sticks60 Gel
Crampon15 Gel
Ice axe10 Gel
Harness15 Gel
2 carabineers5 Gel
Climbing rope30 Gel
Mountain boots35 Gel-40 Gel
Helmet10 Gel
Thermos10 Gel
Belay device10 Gel
Ice screws10 Gel
Headlamp10 Gel
Sunglasses10 Gel
Goggles15 Gel
Waterproof gloves15 Gel
Backpack big15 Gel
Tent for 2  or 3 persons Coleman 30 Salewa 40 MSR 5030-40-50
Sleeping bag 15 Gel
Down sleeping bag 25 Gel
Mat5 Gel
Jacket15-30 Gel
Pants15-30 Gel
Balaclava10 Gel
Gaiters10 Gel
Trekking poles10 Gel
Rain coat8 Gel
Gas big50 Gel
Gas stove10 Gel

Possible discount: from 10 %-in case of advance reservation.

All rental charges you can use cash, Visa or Master Card. Please make an online reservation  1 month before of your  expedition departure.

Please make an online reservation before 3 weeks of your scheduled trip departure

Mountain gear for Mount Kazbek expeditions

The best time to visit the region for Mount Kazbek  climbing is from June to October. Rental mountain equipment is always possible. We use only well-known and reliable brands that guarantee you comfort and safety.



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