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Whenever you decide to go for skiing or mountain climbing tour, there could not be any better time to go to the magnificent expedition to the mountain of Kazbegi and its surroundings. This is undoubtedly the most beautiful place in Georgia and one of the best in the world for such vacation. You can visit the place all year around, relax and get plenty of strength while being in the holidays there. You can enjoy fresh and clean air in the mountains as well as contemplate and observe the most picturesque views. You will have the most pleasant moments left in your memory for the rest of your life! In order to make sure that you have the most gorgeous experience during your trip, it is crucial to choose the right Georgia travel agency that you can trust and rely on!

Our advantages

12 years of experience
12 years of experience

It is been a long twelve years that we spend on perfecting our services in organizing Georgia’s best tours.

We are leaders
We are leaders

Mount Kazbek climbing is undoubtedly our agency's main activity is to organize tours to the mountain

certified guides
certified guides

During the expeditions our certified guides will give the maximum effort to assist and serve you throughout the whole way.

successful expeditions
successful expeditions

We always care about providing the highest level of the security to our customers

best prices
best prices

We can offer the best prices in the region, so everyone can hope on getting the best value for money that can be found out there!

Mount Kazbek climbing

Mount Kazbek climbing is undoubtedly our agency's main activity is to organize tours to the mountain and their surroundings as well as it is the top priority of our business. We always care about providing the highest level of the security to our customers and make sure that every expedition ends up at the highest climbing point.

Why you choose us?

MTA travel agency has been existed for many years. It takes its origins back to the time when there was no tourist industry in the region at all. We commenced our activities with individual and private group tours. Right form 2008, the company has been regarded as the best agency in providing climbing and ski tours in the region of Kazbegi. Since that time, we served thousands of happy and satisfied clients offering them the best value for money and fulfilling all their needs during the trips. The quality of our services stands second to none as we raised the benchmark to the highest standards possible. The quality of the services come right in line what people got used to in the best resorts in Europe hence if any of you would like to receive the best service possible, you should not hesitate and come directly to us!
We also have joint ventures with lots of other climbing companies from all over the globe. Every partner has never been disappointed and has always been pleased to deal with us and recommend our services to other parties. We put a lot of efforts in the service that we provide to our beloved clients! This is not only due to our duties but also because of the fact that we do love our region very much and would like everyone to explore it as well as to make sure that each individual has the best time here. We love the region of Kazbegi and would like to share our feeling with everyone; this is why we are regarded as one of the best travel companies in Georgia for so many years!

High quality service

During the expeditions our certified guides will give the maximum effort to assist and serve you throughout the whole way. This is a truly unforgettable experience that anyone can get that will last in your memories for the rest of your life!

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Our team

Indeed, it would be totally impossible to provide high quality service without putting the efforts to our working team. We carefully select each individual who comes to serve our customers. We make sure that they are all presentable, friendly and can help with every question or query a potential client may come up with. More importantly, every person that we hire speaks other languages. It includes English, Georgian, Russian, German and many other languages too. Every person who books a trip with us may request a guide who can speak their native language or a language they understand.
Additionally, the people who we employ as well as who will guide and assist our clients is either a very experienced skiing instructor or climbing instructor. They all know their job and duties very well, so they can help with virtually anything. They can teach your how to ski if your level is low, the can show how to climb teaching the clients with virtually any level of difficulty. They can show you how to make the knots and how to use ropes as well as other climbing equipment.
Moreover, the people who will guide you have outstanding knowledge of the area. They all were born here or have been living in the area for many years, so they know the place like the back of their hands. If the tourists decide to go for several days hike, the guides can also cook the meals for them and help with preparing the tents for overnight sleep and rests. Finally, each person who works for us can provide the first aid in the case of accidents and emergency. They all have gone through special training as well as have the international certificates that also comply with Georgia tours and travel and will definitely provide complete peace of mind for our clients!
Other services that we provide.

There is enormous number of other services that our agency may provide to every customer that we serve! We would be very happy to hear any suggestions and query that you may have. There is virtually anything that we may provide and supply to you as we approach each client individually. If you would like to organize private or group transfer from and to the airport, it is certainly possible. If any person wants to have an excursion trip to be arrange to Tbilisi the Black sea coast or any other town in Georgia, we can do so!
Our company can supply you with any type of mountain climbing and ski equipment. We can even provide the horses to carry your belongings during hiking tours. We offer professional guides who will assist you during your trip, help you in the area and prepare the food for you. In the case of emergency we can also call the special services that will evacuate the tourist by helicopter. We can also book the hotels for you in both the surrounding area of Kazbegi, the capital of Georgia and Georgia country travel; so that everyone can make sure that you have the sweetest accommodation at the best prices!

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The best tours in Georgia country at the best prices!

If you decide to have the holidays of your lifetime, to have the most challenging and gorgeous experience, you should choose only the best people in the business. We guarantee you’re the highest safety standards and the best quality services that comply with European standards. We put our efforts to the limits and beyond in order to keep each of our beloved customer satisfied! This is why we are perceived as the best company in the business and have so many partner companies all over the world. Please, contact us to fulfill your dreams and have the best tours in Georgia country at the best prices! You will never be disappointed as well as we hope to become your friends just like thousands of other customers who booked the trips with us!

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