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Mount Kazbek open expedition

Mount Kazbek open expedition

We have been organizing mount Kazbek expeditions since 2008, when there was no climbing company in Georgia at all, we were the first and are the leading mountain company to this day. We approach each customer individually and will be ready to satisfy every need of every person who would like to book an expedition with us. 
For 15 years we have organized thousands of successful expeditions with our experienced guides.
We work according to European standards and follow all safety measures as much as possible during the expedition.
Mount Kazbek climb is the main activity that we specialize in. This is why we always pay strong attention to the security that has to be provided to every customer that we serve. Safety is the top priority for us. We make sure that every single effort is given to provide our valuable and beloved customers with the highest level of security. Our mountain guides who will accompany you along the way know the area exceptionally well. They are all certified and passed the tests for providing first aid. They are all certified climbers hence they will provide the maximum assistance during the climb to the top of Mount Kazbek.
Email us and join our expeditions, you will get the best mountain experience with the best guides from the leading company.

Expedition dates you can choose:

July:  15-19July;  24-28 July.

August: 8-12 August;  15-19:  22-26 August; 

September: 3-7 September;  10-14

The company is located directly in the center of Kazbegi. On the opposite side of the monument to Al. Kazbegi, on the second floor of a three-stored building. Address: 28 Al. Kazbegi Street, Second Floor, MTA Mountain Travel Agency.
Outside the yard are banners in blue and white and Mount Kazbek. You enter the yard where there is also a sign banner and you go up to the second floor.

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Mount Kazbek and Chaukhi climbing

Mountain guide agency
The expeditions to mount Kazbek are uniquely designed by our specialists who have plenty of mountain climbing experience and know the area exceptionally well. Each participant can get to any high of this mountain and enjoy the views as well as get one of the greatest and memorable experiences of their lifetime. The expedition assumes gradual acclimatization as you and your group mates will climb above. The whole Kazbek tour will be spread over the course of several days until the desired destination is reached as well as several days on the way back. Before you will have expedition training with the certified guides.
Kazbek expedition
The Mount Kazbek and Chaukhi pass expeditions provide the highest safety standards even for these individuals who have never climbed the mountains before. Our mountain leaders always care for your safety. However, it is desired that the tourists do not have any medical problems and their physical form is pretty good. Climbing the peak of a mountain is a truly unforgettable mountain experience because you will be accompanied by professional instructors and guides. All the specialists have certified mountain guides and are prepared to provide decent help and support in emergency situations or if your medical conditions will not allow you to carry on the tour.
Mountain climbing tour is for everybody who can reach to the top of beautiful mounts. We are expedition agency who always wants to organize kazbek expeditions with high quality services.

trek juta roshka
During the expedition we overnight also in Juta. There are nice accommodations.

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Mount Kazbek expedition

Mount Kazbek
Mount Kazbek or Kasbek, is the third-highest peak in Georgia and the seventh-highest summit in the Caucasus. It was an active volcano. The summit lies directly to the west of the town of Stepancinda. Mount Kazbek is a Russian name. The name in Georgian is Mqinvartsveri, which translates to "Glacier Peak". The first time Kazbek was climbed by Duglas Freshfield in 1868. After that, the successful ascent of Mount Kazbek is the climb of famous Georgian scientist G. Nikoladze in 1923.

Mount Kazbek height

The height of Mt. Kazbek is 5054 m.

Is it hard to climb Mount Kazbek?

The most common route to the summit is not very technically difficult and rated at a PD. Climb mount Kazbek  mostly involves glacier walking until you reach the crux then about 100 meters of easy ice climbing  (no steeper than 40 degrees) to the summit.

Mount Kazbek is not highest mountain in Georgia. It does not require special trainings and you do not need a good mountain experience. It's just hiking. For the mountain climbers is very easy to climb to the top. Top of the mount kazbek  is steeper and  climb there is sometimes a problem, who has health problem. For the security we advice you to hire mountain guide, who will help you in every difficulties. I am sure that with our experienced mountain guides you will have a great   mount Kazbek expedition, because they know every stones there up and you will be safe during whole expedition. The guides have big mountaineering knowledge and you are without a doubt that you can reach to the top of  mount Kazbek.

Expedition to the summit of Mount Kazbek lasts 4 or 5 days, but it is possible to lengthen the days of the climb. It depends on your wishes, if you want to make more acclimatization.

Climb  mount Kazbek

Mount Kazbek climb definitely requires physical strength and it is better if you have experience in mountaineering and climbing. This will definitely help you to successfully complete your expedition to Mt. Kazbek.
You come directly to our office in Stepantsminda or we will meet in any airport or Tbilisi or Kutaisi.
If you want to join with other participants, you can check this possibility: https://kazbekclimbing.com/mount-kazbek-open-expedition

Another thing that needs to be taken into account and a big request from me: never mention that you want to conquer a mountain because a mountain is a place that has its own laws and no one forgives such an expression with my subjective affection. I have talked to our guides about this very often and they have repeatedly said that such a reference to a mountain is a great humiliation and therefore such an expression is a great humiliation for the mountain. You can not play with the mountain and nature in my opinion. He is glorious with his mystery and power. When we look at Mt. Kazbek from below, it is so beautiful and enchanting with its mysteries, it causes a miracle of surprise and arouses a great desire to climb it.

 Mount Kazbek weather

As you know, the weather in the mountains is changing rapidly. Mount Kazbek is no exception. Kazbegi mountain weather can change at any time. For this, we can use the weather forecast websites, which to some extent may coincide with reality. From my 14 years of experience, it does not often match and may change several times during the day. When the weather changes and visibility are less or it is difficult to understand the road in no way can be risked to begin the climb to Mt. Kazbek. In such weather, especially if we do not have a guide, it can be very dangerous for us. At such times you should definitely postpone climbing the glacier or wait for the weather to improve. It is necessary to have a GPS with us and monitor the weather forecast every minute to make sure how safe our climb to the glacier will be. By no means should we risk our lives.  Many inexperienced people manage to climb mount kazbek. Of course, I will repeat that having a mountain guide is very important because no one knows when we may face difficulties and if we do not have a guide, it will cause a lot of problems. At this time we must definitely have very good quality proper alpine equipment to help us in times of difficulty. We also need to know in advance all the necessary information, which is an important component to have a successful climb to the glacier.  Our MTA agency will help you to get all kinds of information to explain every detail of the route and you can also rent all the necessary equipment of the best brands with us.

Mount Kazbek climb price

Our agency offers the best climbing services and the cheapest prices. Write to us, check the prices of services everywhere and you will see for yourself. We are waiting for your emails.

We have officially worked since 2008 according to European standards. When there was no climbing company in Georgia and our company was the first. Then others copied our services a decade later. We have thousands of satisfied customers and thousands of successful climbs on Mount Kazbek. We were just not advertising.

Do you still want to stay sitting and home and watching videos about mount Kazbek expeditions? If you are here, on our website, if you read it, you wish to climb snowy Kazbek. What is the reason not to do it? Our Mountain Travel Agency MTA will help you with all the difficulties and make your dream real! Everything you need is to realize that you really want to make something you dream about and to call us!

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Mt. Kazbek and Elbrus expeditions

Mount Kazbek (5054m).  such as Mt. Elbrus is a dormant volcano. Mt. Kazbek is the third-highest peak in Georgia and the seventh-highest volcano. The summit lies directly to the west of the town of Stepantsminda. Mount Kazbek is a Russian name. The name in Georgian is Mqinvartsveri, which translates to "Glacier Peak”.

Mt. Elbrus (5642 m) is the highest and most prominent peak in Russia and Europe. It is situated in the western part of the Caucasus and is the highest peak of the Caucasian Mountains. It is situated in the Russian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria.

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Everyday buses in Kazbegi region

We offer everyday buses to:

Truso valley

Juta village

Dariali gorge

Gveleti waterfalls

1 person price 35 Gel.

You arrive at 9.30.am

Going back to 5.30 p. m

Reservations are made 1 day in advance at the Mountain Travel Agency or call us on the number: +995 599 269291

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Mount Kazbek and Ortsveri expedition

MTA Mountain Travel Agency
During the climbing season that lasts from May to October anyone can choose the dates for your expedition to Kazbek Mountain. Our agency will be very happy to organize your expedition. Alpine adventure will stay an unforgettable memory in your life.

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