The mountain of Kazbek ski tour


When it comes to Georgia Europe tourism, it always has to be referred to its ski resorts. In the peak season, which lasts from May to October lots of tourists coming to the place hence we would be very pleased to organize the expedition tour of your lifetime for you.
When you travel to Georgia Europe for a vacation, the best thing that may happen to you is to apply for our services , so that we can organize the climbing tour for you and your friends to Kazbek. You can also visit Kazbek surrounding areas that has plenty of sites of exceptional beauty that includes the following: Ortsveri and Chaukhi mountains. In addition, there are expeditions to Svanetian mountains as well as Ushba, the mauntain of Skhara, Tetnuldi, as well as Mount Laila.

Price per person from: 730 EUR Book the tour


Day 1

On the first day you are about to arrive to Stepantsminda. The firsrt thing that will have to be done is to go through the process of acclimatization but normally nobody has any problems with it. We will collect all your belongings, climbing equipment, some food and other things too. After meeting at our comfortable office we will assist you in a very nice guest house. We can offer double and triple rooms , so you can always choose the best option for you.

Day 2

In the next morning when all of you have a breakfast, all your luggage can be left at our office and afterwards we will depart towards Gudairi. Alternatively we can take into account your wishes and consider other options to visit other places. It is all depended on your personal choice and previous experience that you have. When you get back from this daily adventure, the night will be spent at the guest house where delicious meals will be served for you.

Day 3

We will get up in the early morning as well as will leave all your extra luggage at our facility. Shortly after that we will take a coach to be transferred towards Sameba Trinity church. Nearby the church we will organize the horses for you. The animals will help us to carry all your belongings as far as possible. If the weather conditions will not allow to do so, then the only alternative that will be left is to carry all your staff by yourself. We will walk towards Meteorological station where accommodation for the night will be provided.

Day 4

We will eventually reach the high of 4200 meters where acclimatization will have to be made. Our employees who will guide you throughout the whole way will teach your how to use ropes and make knots. At the end of the session, you will getting backwards towards Meteorological station for comfortable rest.

Day 5

In the early morning, there will be ascent to Mountain of Kazbek. Overall, it takes approximately about 7-9 hours in total. At the end of the expedition, we will all make a comeback towards Meteorological station and have some relaxing time after the trip.

Day 6

The descent from Meteorological station to Stepantsminda is about to be commenced. After Sameba Trinity church is reached we will organize the transfer downwards.

Day 7

One day is left as a reserve day in case if bad weather conditions prevail, so that repeated climbing attempt may be organized.

Day 8

On the final day we will all depart home.

These are the most magnificent places that can be visited for ski vacation, where you and your friends can relax and get plenty of strength for the future.

During the expeditions our certified guides will give the maximum effort to assist and serve you throughout the whole way. This is a truly unforgettable experience that anyone can get that will last in your memories for the rest of your life! We guarantee that the getaway will leave the top impressions on you and your companions because of the magnificent views, clean air and the nature that will surround you! Mount Kazbek climbing is undoubtedly our agency’s main activity is to organize tours to the mountain and their surroundings as well as it is the top priority of our business. We always care about providing the highest level of the security to our customers and make sure that every expedition ends up at the highest climbing point. The guides who we provide to assist the tourists speak very good English, Gemain Russian, and Russian. Some other languages also spoken by our guides.  Our employees are trained to perfection and required to reach the highest standards in the job they do as well as their personal mountaineering. Our employees know mountains better than anyone, as it would be no exaggeration to say that their knowledge of the place can be described as knowing it like the back of their hands! We can provide our customers with high quality climbing equipment if it is needed. There is a possibility of carrying your luggage up to Meteorological station and on the way back too. Our services can also offer transfers from airports and back to airports. Moreover, we can organize transfers to Sameba Trinity church as well as after returning from the peak, our cars will be waiting for you near the church on your ski touring skies resort. You and your friends can be accommodated in comfortable guesthouses near Meteorological station if reservations in advance are made. Finally, we may offer cooking service to each client,  serving meals as well as all other necessary and important services that will help you during your expeditions at the ski resorts. The place is clearly one of the best Georgia Europe tourist attractions, so it always has to be on your shortlist for travelling.

Our objective is to keep every individual happy and satisfied, so it is not about making money, so we carefully assess what customers’ need, what their preferences are and what they are capable of! This is undoubtedly the cheapest ski resort that can be found.  We do love the place whee we live and we adore Kazbegi very much!


Ski resort prices.

We can offer the best prices in the region, so everyone can hope on getting the best value for money that can be found out there! We also  can offer enormous amount of other, alternative services. Therefore, during your ski touring holidays you can always rely on other packages that we can offer that will be tailored to your specific needs and desires!


Price  tour

The price per individual is amounted to 730 EUR.

The additional 300 EUR as a reservation fee will have to be transferred into our bank account. The transfer has to be made in advance.

430 EUR are paid when we meet at our company’s office.


The price includes the following:

  • The professional guide’s service.
  • Additionally, there will be training program and verification of every individual who will participate in the expedition.
  • Food preparation and cooking will all be done by yourself.
  • The price also includes transfers to Juta and all the way back.
  • Wonderful accommodation in Stepantsminda will be offered in comfortable guesthouses for two nights. Where double and triple rooms as well as served meals are available.
  • Festive dinner!
  • In the case of emergency, the rescue team will always be ready to help as well as helicopter services are also available if it will be necessary.


The price does not include everything but we can organize the following at the additional cost:

  • Transfers from and to airports.
  • Cooking services and meal can be prepared.
  • Basic climbing equipment: crampons, carabineers, ice axes, harness.
  • All other necessary equipment: can be supplied for additional fee.
  • Please have a look at the references to the price of climbing equipment.

Cash can be used in order to cover all rental charges or alternatively Visa or Master card can also be used.

Many of us were born here in Stepantsminda, so we would like to share our knowledge with every person who wishes to come here. Virtually every client who comes to us becomes our close friend because we spend so many time together and treat everyone like our friend and close relative. We can offer the best prices in the region, so everyone can hope on getting the best value for money that can be found out there! We also  can offer enormous amount of other, alternative services. Therefore, during your ski touring holidays you can always rely on other packages that we can offer that will be tailored to your specific needs and desires!


Mountain Travel Agency - featherweight guarantee

Do you like the tour program?

All that is left for you to do is to book the tour with us and you will never be disappointed. This is probably the best time that you might have. If you like to explore something new, push the boundaries to the limits and above, enjoy magnificent, rocky mountains views then this is the tour for you! This is completely different compare to any standard excursion! The trip will energize you and leave unforgettable impressions of one of the most beautiful places in the world! Apply for a tour right now and buy a tour with a discount.

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