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Mount Kazbek
Mount Kazbek or Kasbek, is the third-highest peak in Georgia and the seventh-highest summit in the Caucasus. It was an active volcano. The summit lies directly to the west of the town of Stepancinda. Mount Kazbek is a Russian name. The name in Georgian is Mqinvartsveri, which translates to "Glacier Peak". The first time Kazbek was climbed by Duglas Freshfield in 1868. After that, the successful ascent of Mount Kazbek is the climb of famous Georgian scientist G. Nikoladze in 1923.

Mount Kazbek height

The height of Mt. Kazbek is 5054 m.

Is it hard to climb Mount Kazbek?

The most common route to the summit is not very technically difficult and rated at a PD. Climb mount Kazbek  mostly involves glacier walking until you reach the crux then about 100 meters of easy ice climbing  (no steeper than 40 degrees) to the summit.

Mount Kazbek is not highest mountain in Georgia. It does not require special trainings and you do not need a good mountain experience. It's just hiking. For the mountain climbers is very easy to climb to the top. Top of the mount kazbek  is steeper and  climb there is sometimes a problem, who has health problem. For the security we advice you to hire mountain guide, who will help you in every difficulties. I am sure that with our experienced mountain guides you will have a great   mount Kazbek expedition, because they know every stones there up and you will be safe during whole expedition. The guides have big mountaineering knowledge and you are without a doubt that you can reach to the top of  mount Kazbek.

Expedition to the summit of Mount Kazbek lasts 4 or 5 days, but it is possible to lengthen the days of the climb. It depends on your wishes, if you want to make more acclimatization.

Climb  mount Kazbek

Mount Kazbek climb definitely requires physical strength and it is better if you have experience in mountaineering and climbing. This will definitely help you to successfully complete your expedition to Mt. Kazbek.
You come directly to our office in Stepantsminda or we will meet in any airport or Tbilisi or Kutaisi.
If you want to join with other participants, you can check this possibility: https://kazbekclimbing.com/mount-kazbek-open-expedition

Another thing that needs to be taken into account and a big request from me: never mention that you want to conquer a mountain because a mountain is a place that has its own laws and no one forgives such an expression with my subjective affection. I have talked to our guides about this very often and they have repeatedly said that such a reference to a mountain is a great humiliation and therefore such an expression is a great humiliation for the mountain. You can not play with the mountain and nature in my opinion. He is glorious with his mystery and power. When we look at Mt. Kazbek from below, it is so beautiful and enchanting with its mysteries, it causes a miracle of surprise and arouses a great desire to climb it.

 Mount Kazbek weather

As you know, the weather in the mountains is changing rapidly. Mount Kazbek is no exception. Kazbegi mountain weather can change at any time. For this, we can use the weather forecast websites, which to some extent may coincide with reality. From my 14 years of experience, it does not often match and may change several times during the day. When the weather changes and visibility are less or it is difficult to understand the road in no way can be risked to begin the climb to Mt. Kazbek. In such weather, especially if we do not have a guide, it can be very dangerous for us. At such times you should definitely postpone climbing the glacier or wait for the weather to improve. It is necessary to have a GPS with us and monitor the weather forecast every minute to make sure how safe our climb to the glacier will be. By no means should we risk our lives.  Many inexperienced people manage to climb mount kazbek. Of course, I will repeat that having a mountain guide is very important because no one knows when we may face difficulties and if we do not have a guide, it will cause a lot of problems. At this time we must definitely have very good quality proper alpine equipment to help us in times of difficulty. We also need to know in advance all the necessary information, which is an important component to have a successful climb to the glacier.  Our MTA agency will help you to get all kinds of information to explain every detail of the route and you can also rent all the necessary equipment of the best brands with us.

Mount Kazbek climb price

Our agency offers the best climbing services and the cheapest prices. Write to us, check the prices of services everywhere and you will see for yourself. We are waiting for your emails.

We have officially worked since 2008 according to European standards. When there was no climbing company in Georgia and our company was the first. Then others copied our services a decade later. We have thousands of satisfied customers and thousands of successful climbs on Mount Kazbek. We were just not advertising.

Do you still want to stay sitting and home and watching videos about mount Kazbek expeditions? If you are here, on our website, if you read it, you wish to climb snowy Kazbek. What is the reason not to do it? Our Mountain Travel Agency MTA will help you with all the difficulties and make your dream real! Everything you need is to realize that you really want to make something you dream about and to call us!

Цена на 1 человека от: Price from 700 EURO Забронировать тур


It is preferable that people would have previous mountain climbing experience when they climb Mount Kazbek, so that it will be easier for them to get to the Kazbek heights and all the pressures will be handled with ease. If there is no such experience behind your shoulders then it should not be a problem as all the required training will be provided as well as medical assistance and support is the normal practice for the mount kazbek expeditions. Mountain Travel Agency  MTA does its best and gives every effort to provide the best experience possible and organizes the tours throughout the whole year! The mount Kazbek climb tours could be specifically designed for any individual that decides to climb the mountain. It is suited for virtually any age category as it is perfect for people from 16 to 60 years old age group. An average tour lasts for approximately 6 days and its cost starts from as little as EUR  700.00. The adventure qualifies as the extreme tours, mountain climbs, and mountain walks, so people can choose exactly what is best suited to them. The size of the group could be anything for 3 persons, that will be an individual tour, it could be easily tailored to the individuals’ specific needs.
Mount Kazbek expedition

A climbing tour to Mt. Kazbek definitely requires physical strength and it is better if you have experience in mountaineering and climbing. This will definitely help you to successfully complete your expedition.
Day 1: We will meet at the airport in Tbilisi/Kutaisi or with directly you come to Kazbegi, in particular to Stepantsminda to our office. We guarantee to overnight in the comfortable guesthouse with 2 times meal in a day, where you will find Georgian traditional food. But if you prefer to find a guesthouse yourself and you have already selected it, it will certainly reduce the cost of the tour. Basically, everyone is looking for a guesthouse or hotel through booking.com, those who are visiting Georgia or Kazbegi in particular for the first time. Many have already visited here for the second or more time, they have already found their favorite place and pre-booked accommodation. Now they like to stay in cottages. It certainly depends on the taste and I think the cottage will make you feel more like the beauty of the mountain. I also always try to stay in one of the cottages when I travel. In addition, I think it is better if you stay in houses that can offer food. It will cost you less and you will see with your own eyes if you like how traditional dishes are prepared in the family and you can also ask the host to take part in the preparation of the dishes. It will make your days here very beautiful and you will be very impressed.
The process of being in the mountains is very pleasant, and at the same time, for those who come from big cities and end their tiring living conditions for a while, it is more special for them to return with such impressions, whose pleasant memories you will leave in life.
In case you have already found a guesthouse, we will meet you at our office, where we will talk about all the details of your expedition. With us there will be your mountain guide who will talk to you and explain all the details as well. We will check what equipment you have and what you need to get from us. Of course, the basic equipment is included in the tour price.
In addition, the guide will talk to you about any additional questions you may have about your mountain expedition. It will also help you to buy food if you do not already have them or need advice on what to take with you.
All details will be discussed and decided according to your wishes.
Our guides will of course speak several languages ​​and it will be a convenience for you.
In case you decide that you need additional services to be organized by us, we will be happy to serve you and will definitely offer you a discount that will certainly not affect the quality and you will be very satisfied.
It may not be convenient for you to take the luggage by hand and you need to rent a horse, or any additional service that will make your expedition more comfortable, everything will be organized by us. This tour is intended for 1 to a maximum of 4 people, who will be served by 1 guide, as in this case your safety will be maximally protected.
Of course, the price of the tour depends on the number of people, but we will try our best to make the maximum discount compared to the prices in Georgia. If you want, check the prices everywhere and then contact us, I am sure you will be very satisfied with our prices and service.
My 14 years of experience has shown me that many people come on a limited budget and are very eager to climb Mt. Kazbek, so we do our best to make all our customers happy and able to climb the mountain. In addition to this tour we offer open expedition dates which you can find in our offers. Unlike this tour we can not make changes to the open expedition because the price is unchanged and the services are the same for everyone. In case of open tour, all participants have the same rights and we can not change the services in it at the request of any of them and the price is unchanged. In this tour you can make any changes, remove or add the services you want, the number of days and adjust the tour package according to your wishes.

Mount Kazbek expedition

Day 2. In the early morning after breakfast, about at 9.00 a. m you can leave extra luggage at our office. After this we will drive Sameba Trinity Church by car, which takes about 30 minutes.
The church has a deep history, it was built in the 14-th century. One of the most famous world poets Alexandr Pushkin devoted one of his poems to the "Monastery of Kazbek".
Here we will meet a horse with a guide who will take your luggage to meteo station and of course it is more convenient for you to carry a small bag in which you have only the necessary items that you will need on the way. This is an additional service and you pay extra, but we will definitely make a discount and offer you this service and all the additional services at the cheapest price. Then we start climbing in the direction of the meteo station with your guide, who will be with you throughout the whole tour.
After connecting with religion we start going. This day will bring you a lot of wonderful scenery. You will go throw green mountains and have a wonderful view on Mount Kazbek. All the day the group goes upwards. The first day is the easiest day of our expedition. The trail will be not hard, so you can just admire the scenery and get pleasure from the thought that you have started maybe one of the most exciting actions in your life - climbing the Kazbek expedition. The expedition seems to be not so difficult. But do not think that it will always be so. However, you have a good time enjoying not difficult hiking. We will go 2-3 hours through green valleys and beautiful paths and then come to a wonderful place not far from the first part-Saberdze.
There is a hotel Altihut.

Overnight in AltiHut (extra).

If you want to stay in AltiHut you should write us a month before the date you are planning to come. The hotel is quite popular.  If you decide to stay in AltiHat or in a tent near it we will go to the meteo station on the third day.

To reach meteo station we need a maximum of 5-6 hours from the Sameba Trinity church. On the way when you rest you will eat some snacks and just in case if you know in advance from Stepantsminda you take 1 bottle of water and then you can fill it near Sabeba Trinity church or near Sabertse. It is drinkable from the streams which you find on the way.
There is a hotel called AltiHut.

This day will bring you a lot of wonderful scenery. You will go throw green mountains and have a wonderful view on Mount Kazbek. All the day the group will go up. After 3 or 4 hours of walking, you will come to one of the most attractive places in Kazbegi - Gergeti Glacier.

On the way, you meet the glaciers. It gets steeper and more difficult.
Gergety glacier

We cross wonderful green sceneries of Saberdze and then see a special, unusual for a huge amount of our tourists' thing - Gergeti Glacier. Here an interesting and quite dangerous adventure begins. You can find a lot of reviews about passing it and you will be surprised. Some of the people who have climbed Kazbek write, that Gergeri Glacier is very easy to cross and you even do not need special equipment like a crampon and rope. But others say that the Glacier is a big problem and difficulty, and going without a mountain guide and quality equipment you risk falling into a fissure or just getting lost. And whom you should believe? The answer is very simple: it depends on the weather and season very much. In summer, in July and August, the part of Gergeti Glacier before meteostation is often not covered with snow and you can see all the fissures. However, it works not always. Also, the snow under your legs can be in different conditions depending on the weather. If the sun is shining it can be flooded with water, if the weather is really cold the Glacier can be totally frozen. If you hope to catch ideal weather, it is good, but very difficult, mostly impossible. As I wrote in another article, Kazbek is very famous for its changeable weather. So, of course, you have a chance to be lucky, but you should be ready not to be lucky. That is why we say you really need an experienced guide and good climbing equipment. Usually, the groups use crampons to cross Gergeti Glacier, sometimes even a rope. There are some tourists who cross Gergeti Glacier in sneakers. Sometimes it is also possible, but, believe me, not enjoyable. However, no matter what will be the weather, you will get valuable experience and a lot of emotions from that action.

We continue the way to meteo station where you will get accommodation inside or outside in tents. It also depends on your desire. Staying out in a tent is a more fun adventure that brings a bigger and more enjoyable feeling to you and leaves pleasant memories in your life. The temperature outside of Betlemi Hut is about +1 to + 5, but when the weather is bad, it gets to -6-7. Because we advise you to be ready for the weather forecast and take with you some more waterproof clothes.
Our guide will definitely help you to set up a tent and solve any problem.
If you want to stay inside the meteo station, about this we should definitely be informed before making a tour package.
As for the food, you prepare it yourself or write to us in advance if you want us to organize this service. We will accompany you to the cook, and if you wish, we will buy all the necessary products and items that are needed for your food. This of course also comes at an additional cost.
If you decide that climbing the meteo on the same day is not comfortable for you, we suggest you stay the first night in "Altihat", the distance is about 3000 m.
At this time you really have to walk for more than 1 night, but it is very conducive to acclimatization and in addition you will have to spend more time in the mountains, get more adrenaline and also spend less energy the next day, because you only need about 3 hours to climb the meteo station.

The height of the meteostation is about 3650 m. Climbers planning to climb Mt. Kazbek, stay there for a few days, and prepare to climb the mountain.
The meteo station is also called Betlemi Hut or a base camp.

About equipment and clothes
First of all, you should have warm and waterproof clothes with you, as well as waterproof shoes. Many people go with ordinary track shoes and neither is it a problem, you will definitely be able to climb the meteo, but imagine that the weather has changed and the snow has come, the temperature is low and cold, or it has rained and your shoes are wet, I think good advice is to walk in higher quality shoes and clothes. Also, be sure to bring gloves with you so that you do not catch a cold. As well as walking sticks, they make it very easy for you to climb higher. It is advisable and sometimes very necessary to use crampons because when you go, there is a small river on the road that can be frozen and you will realize that it would be better to have crampons with you, which will make it easier for you to jump on it. I need to say that time of climbing that I mention is not exact and depends on weather conditions and our group's abilities. The meteo station is not just a place where all the Kazbek climbers stay for a night, but it is a symbol of climbing that mount. It was built in 1930th for all the people who want to reach the snowy peak of Kazbek. A big colorful shelter for the climbers. Though they take money for spending a night inside of it, it is not a hotel at all. Cold, severe, but funny! Here you will meet lots of people from different countries, Georgia, Poland, Turkey, Holland, the USA, Canada, Russia, and many, many others. They are different and speak different languages, but they are connected by one dream - to reach the top of Kazbek. If you do not want to become a snowman, you need a good warm sleeping bag. Luckily, if you do not have it, you can rent it in our office. Sometimes it is a little bit noisy inside, especially at night, but we will explain to you why later. Usually, we arrive at the station at 4-5 p.m.

 Bethlemi Hut is not a hotel, though it is private territory and you need to pay for a night. Using your own gas-burner, you can cook your meal and have a tasty breakfast. Also in summer, there is a small cafe and if you do not waste your time on cooking or carrying food in your bag upward to Kazbek, you can eat in that cafe. But you should understand, that transporting a big amount of food to Bethlemi Hut is not very easy, that is why the prices are quite high.

Mount Kazbek expedition

Acclimatization day.
Day 3.
As for the next day, after waking up in the morning, we go to the acclimatization at about 10-11 o'clock. It could also be the 4th day if we spent the previous night on the Sabertse.
Reaching place: 4000- 4,100 m. It takes about 2-3 hours.  Acclimatization is very important to climb the mountain. Sometimes people do not acclimatize, but it's mistake. Our climbing guides who will guide you throughout the whole way will teach you how to use climbing equipment, working with ropes, how to use ice axes, crampons. They will explain every details, which you have to know when you go to the summit. At the end of the session, you will get back towards the meteo station for rest.

We should mention, that acclimatization day is not just a day for having rest. Acclimatization walk is one of the most important things for tourists that want to climb Kazbek mountain. Do not even think about being lazy! Good acclimatization is your guarantee that you will not get sick the half way to the top of Kazbek.

On this day we should go to bed early. Yes, it is very hard to sleep when you are full of emotions and thoughts, also it is very noisy inside Bethlemi Hut, but good sleep will bring you good energy and good energy will help you to manage all the difficulties waiting for you tomorrow.

Mount Kazbek expedition

Day 4.
In the early morning, about at 2.00 a. m- summit attack.
We wake up at about 1 am. Your mountain guide will once again give you the advices on every detail. We check the weather forecast in advance and if it is good, we start leaving at 2 o'clock to the direction of Mt. Kazbek, when it is still night and we must have a headlight, because without it it is impossible to follow the road. Also, check your equipment that you definitely need when climbing a mountain, and also bring water and some food. Carry only a small backpack with you, leave all other items inside in a meteo station or tent. Please do not forget helmets as cracks and crevasses will definitely meet and you should definitely have these.

The climb to the mountain takes about 6 hours. You are on the mountain at around 8 am, if you are physically fit and have experience climbing the mountain, you may be able to do it in less time. If you are with a group, it also depends on their physical training.
Before climbing the peak, you will meet a place called Plateau. From here the use of all equipment is essential.
The road is cracked, which in case of fresh snow is covered and not visible, so you have to be very careful. In summer because there are a lot of people. You have your mountain guide with you and the process of climbing the mountain becomes easier.
Before you climb the glacier, there is another place we call the Khmaura. There is a danger of falling stones sometimes, but our guides know this very well and wrestling with them with a rope will avoid many problems. I find it very necessary and important to use a helmet especially in such places.

At 8 o'clock in the morning you are already fulfilling a long dream and from the Mt. Kazbek overlooks the beautiful views below. You will take beautiful photos. This is a very enjoyable process, you will all agree.
Stop for about 30-40 minutes and start arriving down in the direction of meteo station. You will need about as much time as you can climb, maybe a little less.

Ascent to the top of Mount Kazbek and back to Betlemi Hut takes approximately about 12 hours in total.

With our mountain guides climb to mount Kazbek it's always successful . Only weather conditions and your physical shape is important in this case. At the end of the expedition back towards meteo station and rest after the expedition.
This night we overnight there.

This day is the most important day of our climbing. Why? The answer is very simple. Today we do it - we attack the peak of Kazbek and then go back to the Meteo Station. The dream is as close as you can only imagine! But believe me, it will be very hard. Big dreams need big courage and good physical for. And, of course, positivity! It is one of the most valuable qualities. Without being positive, managing all the difficulties and dangers of a climbing expedition is nearly impossible. So take off your bag and your smile and we will go!
Our trail from the Meteo Station to the top of Kazbek can be divided into 3 parts. All they are different and all they are difficult and demand good skills and physical form. If some tourists can go alone from the Trinity Church to meteo station and it will be not very dangerous, the situation after it changes a lot. If you do have not BIG mountain climbing experience going without a guide is very dangerous. An experienced guide knows how to cross the glacier, what to do if someone has fallen down inside of a crack, how to manage froze -20 on a steep slope, and many other things that can save your life. If you have no such experience and you value your life, you need a guide.

The first part of the way is the road to the Glacier. It will take us 2-3 hours. This part could be not very difficult, but there are some peculiarities. First of all, remember: it is nighttime now. You can see something only with help of the light on your head. It is dark, cold, and scary. Though we will not use it before the glacier, we put on our harnesses in Bethlemi Hut. We will pass the White Cross and the Black cross, famous among all the Kazbek climbers. The first danger we will meet on the way stones. Huge stones that are falling down from the slopes. We must be very careful and attentive and, of course, wear a helmet. The noise of falling stones in darkness can scare climbers. It is not a physical, but an emotional challenge.  If you manage it you will come to the second part of our trail - the glacier.

Experienced guides agree, that it is the most dangerous and technically difficult part of Kazbek climbing expedition. The glacier is full of deep ice cracks, so often invisible. Moreover, they are always changing. There can't be a universal map for the climbers, because new cracks appear mostly every day. If your friend climbed Kazbek one year ago and gave you his own map, do not even think about following it. Mountain guides know how to find the best way to cross the glacier. You will go very carefully, thinking about every step. Snow under our legs is also not safe, because it can break down when we make a step and it is a big risk to fall down into a hole 20 meters depth. For crossing the glacier we use a rope. Also, we use it after the glacier finishes.
If every member of our group listens to the guide carefully, we manage the glacier! All the difficulties are behind us, we managed mostly everything that we needed! Just a few steps - and we are on the top! Of course, it is not so. It is a very widespread mistake among people who climb Kazbek first. And also it is a reason why some people do not reach the peak of the mountain. It is too early to relax! The third part of the trail is waiting for us. And it is also not very easy, it is difficult. If someone has a tambourine in his bag, it is very good, because now we need to ask the Universe for good weather. Of course, it is a joke, but the weather is really very important for us. Sometimes when it is foggy, you can't see anything around you. In such a case it is very difficult to go. We need to cross a steep slope covered with a huge amount of snow. Usually, we make short stops every 10 steps. It is physically the hardest part of the expedition, but the thought that soon you will be on the summit brings motivation. The way from the glacier to the peak takes about 3 hours. The slope is becoming steeper and steeper. But finally, we see, that there is no farther away and we are on the summit! We did it! The clouds are under our feet.

We usually do not stay on the peak for more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, we turn into snowmen, and the groups that are going after us give us a kick from the summit. But this time is enough to admire wonderful views and to feel something you were looking for when you decided to join the Kazbek climbing expedition. Your feelings will be unforgettable, believe me! When the clouds are under your feet, when you realize, that you have managed all the difficulties, you understand, who you are.

The way from the summit back to meteostation takes less time, than up, but also about 6-7 hours. That is why leaving the meteostation you must make sure that you have taken enough food and, of course, all needed equipment. Remember, that climbing the mountains you will spend a lot of calories, that is why you should eat a lot. During the way, there will be no time for cooking, so your food should be ready to eat. Energy bars, chocolate bars, and cheese are good variants.

When you go in the direction of mount Kazbek,  maybe you think that can not find the way, especially when it is covered with snow or the weather condition is not so good. Sometimes people follow other groups and it gets easier to find the right way. There is no single and straight path to the glacier. So we have to be especially careful and attentive. Especially when the mountain guide is not with us. If we are late to leave the meteorological station, it can cause a lot of problems and endanger our lives. It is necessary to get out of the meteostation not later than 2 o'clock in the morning, because if we leave the glacier late, at this time the snow melts and the risk of falling stones is high. Take note of all the details and insure yourself against imminent dangers.

Mount Kazbek expedition

Day 5.
Then in the next morning, when we wake up, if we want to bring luggage on horseback, at about 10 to 11 o'clock in the morning the horse guide will come to meteo station and we pick up the prepared luggage. He will bring them down to Stepantsminda and leaves them with at our agency you will take from us.
After everything we made it would be very easy. The way will take us 4-5 hours. We will cross Gergeti Glacier again, go through Saberdze and come to Trinity Church. Here the car will take us to Stepantsmida. The expedition to Kazbek is finished! You will see wonderful sceneries again and come back like a new version of yourself!
You will come with a guide to the Sameba Trinity church, we will organize the transfer downwards.
Now you can stay for one more night in a guest house in Stepantsminda and have a rest or go home.

If you are too tired and don't want to care your bags from the meteo station, we can rent the horses that will take your bags to our office. When you come to Stepantsminda, you will just take it from there.

Mount Kazbek expedition

Day 6. There will be a reserve day just in case there is bad weather. It should make you able to climb.

In the case of bad weather the second day is going to be free. The following days are to be paid additionally.

There is going to be the chance of having a retry, if on the first day you did not climb to a plateau of 4500 meters above the sea level, which is going to be free of charge. If you reach the  plateau and would like to go further above, it is going to be at extra costs.

If you reach the plateau and would like to go further, that will be at extra costs.

Mount Kazbek expedition

On the final day-departure home.
We can also organize an expedition program suitable to your wishes.

The costs of the tour: 

Price per person: from 700 EUR (depends on the services).

300 EUR is paid for reservation. The payment will have to be made on our bank account in advance via bank transfer.

400 EUR or more (depends on the services) when we meet at our agency MTA.


The tour price includes the following:


In the case if bad weather prevails the second day will be for free. The following days will be at extra costs.
Professional guides’ service. 
Training and verification of the participants.
help in preparing for the expedition and
consultations in advance.
General equipment rental.
Overnight outside meteo station in tents.
Transfer to/back Sameba Trinity church
Extra luggage you can leave at our office.
Climbing general equipment rental includes, and other private equipment rental price list you can see price list.
We offer separate expeditions to Mount KazbeK and Ortsveri, as well as Mount Kazbek and Chaukhi. If you want to organize  both of these mountains at the same time, write to us in advance and we will gladly plan such tours.
Horses for luggage up to meteo station and down (extra)
If you need 1 more guide you pay extra money.
Transfer from and to airports (extra).

Additional information.

Any services that customers will require will be organized for the additional costs. It may include, transfer from and to the airport, rent of private equipment, hotel reservation, horses for luggage, Altihut reservation.

Mount Kazbek expedition
Mount Kazbek expedition
Mount Kazbek climb

Mount Kazbek is calling and so the adventure begins.

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Стоимость восхождения на Казбек

Средняя цена на одного человека с сертифицированным горным гидом составляет от 1000 до 1300 евро.

Для небольших групп от 800 до 900 евро.

Mount Kazbek climbing

General tour information.

  The tours could be specifically designed for any individual that decides to climb the mountain. It is suited for virtually any age category as it is perfect for people from 16 to 60 years old age group. An average tour lasts for approximately 6 days and its cost starts from as little as EUR  700.00. The adventure qualifies as the extreme tours, mountain climbs, and mountain walks, so people can choose exactly what is best suited to them. The size of the group could be anything for 3 persons, that will be an individual tour, it could be easily tailored to the individuals’ specific needs.

 It is preferable that people would have previous mountain climbing experience so that it will be easier for them to get to the Kazbek heights and all the pressures will be handled with ease. If there is no such experience behind your shoulders then it should not be a problem as all the required training will be provided as well as medical assistance and support is the normal practice for the tours. The Mountain Travel Agency  MTA does its best and gives every effort to provide the best experience possible and organizes the tours throughout the whole year!

Mount Kazbek

Mount Kazbek guided climb

During your Mount Kazbek tour, our certified climbing guides will give the maximum effort to assist and serve you throughout the whole way. This is a truly unforgettable climbing experience that anyone can get and lasts  in your memories of your life! We guarantee that Mount Kazbek tour will leave the top impressions on you and your companions. The magnificent views, clean air, and nature will surround you! Mount Kazbek adventure tour is undoubtedly our  main activity. We always care about providing the highest level of security to our customers and make sure that every climbing  expedition ends up at the highest point. Our mountain guides who we provide assist the climbers  speak very good English, Russian, and German. They are trained to perfection and required to reach the highest standards in the job they do as well as their personal mountaineering. They know mountains better than anyone. We can provide our customers with high-quality climbing equipment if it is needed. There is a possibility of carrying your luggage up to the Meteorological station and on the way down by horses. Moreover, we organize transfers to Gergeti Trinity Church as well as after returning from the peak of Mount Kazbek. Meteorological station reservations. Finally, we may offer a cooking service as well as all other necessary and important services that will help you during your expedition.

Our objective is to keep every individual happy and satisfied. We carefully assess what customers need, what their preferences are, and what they are capable of!

Kazbek expedition price:

We can offer the best prices in Georgia, so everyone can hope of getting the best value for money that can be found out there! We also can offer an enormous amount of other, alternative services. Therefore, during your Kazbek climbing, you can always rely on other packages that we can offer that will be tailored to your specific needs and desires!

The price per person  from 700  EUR.

Advance payment of 200 EUR as a reservation fee will have to be transferred into our bank account. The transfer has to be made in advance.

Last payment  are paid when we meet at our company’s office.

Price includes:

Bad weather the second day for free.

Professional guide/s service. Training and verification of participants.

✓Guesthouse in Stepantsminda, 1 night.

Accommodation outside Meteo station in tents.

General equipment

Transfers to Sameba Trinity church up and down.

Transfers from/to airports.

In the case of an emergency, the rescue team will always be ready to help as well as helicopter services are also available if it will be necessary.


Price does not include but we can organize:

Climbing equipment rental(Private)

Sabertse extra night overnight.

Horse for luggage up/down Meteo station.

Meteo station inside accommodation


Cooking services and meals can be prepared.


Cash can be used in order to cover all rental charges or alternatively Visa or Master card can also be used.


Mountain Travel Agency - featherweight guarantee

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