One of our company’s services is to offer our beloved clients to tours on mountain bike in the region of Kazbegi and its surroundings. When you travel to Georgia Europe, every individual constantly searches for something new, which has never been seen before and this is exactly what we can offer. This is a place of exceptional beauty, totally unspoiled and astonishing views. You are about to explore the place, which is regarded as one of the most gorgeous in the world with the highest peaks in the Caucasus, which are amounted to thousands of miters in height. Exploring the attraction whilst traveling on the mountain bikes is much more fun as well as there are more things that can be seen in a shorter timeframe. This is why mtb tours offer such services that have become extremely popular among the tourists from all over the world!

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It becomes apparent that when you travel on the bike you will definitely have more freedom and can choose the routes that other people may not usually take. Target destinations can be reached much quicker and easier as well as taking into account that you travel in the high rocky mountain; the trip certainly will be very challenging! The planned journey will be purely depended on yourself. You can make stops and rests whenever you want to on a bike trip; whereas many people would agree that this is much better and healthier way of spending a vacation rather by travelling by car.

We offer the best facilities in bicycle trips and can organize the best biking tour for any individual or a group of people. We can help to plan the routes as it is purely depended on your personal preferences. We will outline the routes that are usually preferred by the tourists, so that you can see as many Georgia Europe tourist attractions as possible, whilst in the mountain of Kazbek region and the area that surrounds it. It is our job to organize the adventure that will long live in your memory. The services that we offer have outstanding reputation. We offer high quality and reliable bikes to travel on as well as professional guides who will assist your throughout the whole way of your journey.

Our employees speak perfect English, Georgian, Russian and German. Some other languages can also be understood and spoken. Whenever it comes to bicycle tourism you can always rely on our professional. This is all due to the fact that they know the whole area exceptionally well, so you will never be missed or get lost. More importantly, every possible attraction can be seen, which includes: Sameba Trinity church, Gveleti waterfalls, the village of Juta that is located in the rocky mountains, Sno valley, Dariali gorge as well as many other attractions on the way of your cycling trip in Kazbegi.


The rental price for one single day is 25 Gel.

When it comes to Georgia Europe tourism, we offer the most competitive rates that are very hard to match by any other competitor.

It has to be mentioned that the actual cost of Georgia country tours is depended on the size of the group, so in many ways quote has to be made.

In order to find out the other details, please do not hesitate to contact our representative to get the precise quote.

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All that is left for you to do is to book the tour with us and you will never be disappointed. This is probably the best time that you might have. If you like to explore something new, push the boundaries to the limits and above, enjoy magnificent, rocky mountains views then this is the tour for you! This is completely different compare to any standard excursion! The trip will energize you and leave unforgettable impressions of one of the most beautiful places in the world! Apply for a tour right now and buy a tour with a discount.

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