Mt. Kazbek and Elbrus expeditions


Mount Kazbek (5054m).  such as Mt. Elbrus is a dormant volcano. Mt. Kazbek is the third-highest peak in Georgia and the seventh-highest volcano. The summit lies directly to the west of the town of Stepantsminda. Mount Kazbek is a Russian name. The name in Georgian is Mqinvartsveri, which translates to "Glacier Peak”.

Mt. Elbrus (5642 m) is the highest and most prominent peak in Russia and Europe. It is situated in the western part of the Caucasus and is the highest peak of the Caucasian Mountains. It is situated in the Russian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria.

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Mount Kazbek and Elbrus expedition

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Mount Kazbek (5054m),  such as Mt. Elbrus is a dormant volcano. Mt. Kazbek is the third-highest peak in Georgia and the seventh-highest volcano. The summit lies directly to the west of the town of Stepantsminda. Mount Kazbek is a Russian name. The name in Georgian is Mqinvartsveri, which translates to “Glacier Peak”.

Mt. Elbrus (5642 m) is the highest and most prominent peak in Russia and Europe. It is situated in the western part of the Caucasus and is the highest peak of the Caucasian Mountains. It is situated in the Russian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria.

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Mt. Kazbek and Elbrus are mountains, where lots of people dream to climb. Every season we have lots of individuals or groups who want to climb to the peak of the mountain. Our mountain guides with their experience and love the mountains picked up thousands of people on the summit in 14 years. Sometimes it happens that people without any experience risk climbing to the top without mountain guides and it’s a very big mistake. We always explain to them that maybe it will be a problem. Mount Kazbek Georgia is known that is not technically difficult, but an unknown mountain always makes problems, when people do not know, what to do in case of bad weather for example. Mount Kazbek climb difficulty does not mean, that climb is very easy there. It requires a big safety and always is better to hire a mountain guide.

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Mount Kazbek and Elbrus

Certified mountain guides

We offer both , expeditions to Mt. kazbek and Mt. Elbrus. Of course, it is possible if you choose one of them and want to climb each mountain separately, but you can also plan to climb both mountains in one tour at the same time, which will prolong the pleasure of being on the mountain and get more adrenaline. It is a very important thing what you have to know in advance and about this, I mentioned above, you need to be in good physical shape and do not have health problems.

Decide if you want to climb both mountains and write to us or call us in advance and we will gladly plan both expeditions with the best services.

We have the most experienced certified guides with whom you will gain extensive experience and most importantly, you will be safe under their care.

Be sure to note that you must have a visa, as this is a necessary requirement on the Georgian-Russian border, and without it, it is impossible to climb Elbrus.

If you have a problem with this issue, please contact us in advance and we will help you resolve this issue. The best time to organize these expeditions is from July to the middle of September, when it is a high season and in most cases, it is good weather for climbing.

Although it is not technically difficult and does not require special mountain experience. Mount Elbrus climbing is easier than Mt. Kazbek and both mountains do not require special efforts and mountain experiences. First of all, it is necessary to be physically healthy and not to have a breathing problem. Of course, it is better if at the same time you have the experience of climbing and you are prepared and know the techniques of climbing. This will definitely help you to successfully carry out your mountain expedition. During your expedition, our certified climbing guides will give the maximum effort to assist and serve you throughout the whole way. This is a truly unforgettable climbing experience that anyone can get and lasts in your memories of your life! We guarantee that climbing on both mountains will leave the top impressions on you and your companions. The magnificent views, clean air, and nature will surround you!. We always care about providing the highest level of security to our customers and make sure that every climbing expedition ends up at the highest point. Our mountain guides who we provide assist the climbers to speak very good English, Russian, and German. They know mountains better than anyone.  About interesting articles please see our Mount Kazbek and Elbrus expedition and day hike tours in Kazbegi

Our objective is to keep every individual happy and satisfied. We carefully assess what customers need, what their preferences are.

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 Mount Kazbek and Elbrus expedition program

Day 1. We will meet at the airport in Tbilisi/Kutaisi or directly we can meet at our office Mountain Travel Agency MTA in Stepantsminda (Kabegi).

Address: 28 Al.Kazbegi str opposite of the monument of the writer Al.Kazbegi, 3 storied building, 2 floors. There are out floors signs with blue and white colors with a photo of Mount Kazbek. You directly come to the yard of this building and we will meet on the second floor.


We guarantee to overnight 1 night in the comfortable guesthouse with 2 times meal in a day. You will see with your own eyes if you like how traditional dishes are prepared in the family. It’s also possible ask the host to take part in the preparation of the dishes. It will make your days here very beautiful and you will be very impressed. The process of being in the mountains is very pleasant, and at the same time, for those who come from big cities and end their tiring living conditions for a while. It is more special for them to return with such impressions, whose pleasant memories you will leave in life. After you relax, we meet at the agency! There we will talk about all the details of your expedition. With us, there will be your mountain guides who will talk to you and explain all the details as well. We will check what equipment you have and what you need to get from us. Of course, the basic equipment is included in the tour price. Other important equipment you can rent, everything which is useful for both expeditions.  In addition, the guide will talk to you about any additional questions you may have about your mountain expedition. We also help you to buy food if you do not already have them or need advice on what to take with you. All details will be discussed and decided according to your wishes. Our guides  speak several languages ​​and it is convenient for you. In case you decide that you need additional services to be organized by us, we will be happy to serve you and will definitely offer you a discount. That will certainly not affect the quality and you will be very satisfied. It may not be convenient for you to take the luggage by hand and you need to rent a horse, or any additional service that will make your expedition more comfortable. Everything will be organized by us. The price of the tour depends on the number of people, but we will try our best to make the maximum discount compared to the prices in Georgia. If you want, check the prices everywhere and then contact us. I am sure you will be very satisfied with our prices and service. My 14 years of experience has shown me that many people come on a limited budget and are very eager to climb Mt. Kazbek. So we do our best to make all our customers happy and able to climb the mountains.  In this tour, you can make any changes, remove or add the services you want, the number of days, and adjust the tour package according to your wishes.

The way to Meteo station

Day 2. In the early morning after breakfast, about at 9.00 a. m, you can leave extra luggage at our office or in the guesthouse where you overnighted. After this, we will drive  Sameba Trinity Church by car, which takes about 20 minutes. Here we will meet a horse with a guide who will take your luggage to Meteo and of course, it is more convenient for you to carry a small bag in which you have only the necessary items that you will need on the way. This is an additional service and you will need to pay extra, but we will definitely make a discount and offer you this service and all the additional services at the cheapest price. Then we start climbing in the direction of the Meteo station with your guide, who will be with you throughout the tour. All our mountain guides are certified and have many years of mountaineering experience. To reach Meteo station we need a maximum of 5-6 hours from the Trinity church.  On the way when you rest you will eat some snacks and just in case if you know in advance from Stepantsminda you take 1 bottle of water and then you can fill it near Sabeba Trinity church or near Sabertse. It is drinkable from the streams which you find on the way. We will continue the way to Sabertse for 3 – 4 hours. On the way, you meet the glaciers. It gets steeper and more difficult. If your guide deems it necessary, you will use crampons, that you will encounter on the way, but in most cases do not use them. It depends on how frozen these places are.  Then we continue the way to Meteo station where you will get accommodation inside or outside in tents. It also depends on your desire. Staying out in a tent is a more fun adventure that brings a bigger and more enjoyable feeling to you and leaves pleasant memories in your life. The temperature outside of Betlemi Hut is about +1 to + 5, but when the weather is bad, it gets to -6-7. Because we advise you to be ready for the weather forecast and take with you some more waterproof clothes. Our guide will definitely help you to set up a tent and solve any problem. The guide stays inside the Meteo station and will definitely have minute contact with you. If you also want to stay inside the meteo, about the role we should definitely be informed before making a tour package, there you will also be with the guide, of course in separate rooms and contact the guide to decide on all the details. Also in advance please be sure to follow the advice of the guide and do not act arbitrarily, of course this is a request from me and the guide has a responsibility to you and we also have a telephone connection with the guide every hour, we know the situation about the weather and other details. As for the food, you prepare it yourself or write to us in advance if you want us to organize this service. We will accompany you to the cook, and if you wish, we will buy all the necessary products and items that are needed for your food. This of course also comes at an additional cost, however, there have been many times over the last 14 years that such a service has been requested from users and it is a very enjoyable process when you have a guarantee on the mountain to avoid unnecessary problems. What else I want to draw your attention to if, of course, you decide that climbing the meteo station on the same day is not comfortable for you, we suggest you stay the first night in a tent or spend the night in the newly built “Altihat”, the distance is about 3000 m. At this time you really have to walk for more than 1 night, but it is very conducive to acclimatization and in addition, you will have to spend more time in the mountains, get more adrenaline and also spend less energy the next day, because you only need about 3 hours to climb the Meteo station.

Mount Kazbek expedition

Kazbek mountain

Mount Kazbek

As for the next day, after waking up in the morning, when we have breakfast, we go to the acclimatization at about 10-11 o’clock. It could also be the 4th day if we spent the previous night on the Sabertse. If we spend a night in the meteo station, after waking up in the morning, when we have breakfast, we go to the acclimatization at about 10-11 o’clock. Acclimatization day.  Reaching place: 4000- 4,100 m. It takes about 2-3 hours.  Acclimatization is very important to climb the mountain. Sometimes people do not acclimatize, but it’s a mistake. Our climbing guides who will guide you throughout the whole way will teach you how to use climbing equipment, work with ropes, how to use ice axes, crampons. They will explain every detail, which you have to know when you go to the summit.  At the end of the session, you will get back towards the Meteo station for rest.

Day 4. In the early morning, about at 2.00 a. m- summit attack. We wake up at about 1 am. Your mountain guide will once again give you advice on every detail. We check the weather forecast in advance and if it is good, we start leaving at 2 o’clock in the direction of Mt. Kazbek, when it is still night and we must have a headlight because without it it is impossible to follow the road. Also, check the mountain equipment that you definitely need when climbing a mountain, and also bring water and some food. Carry only a small backpack with you, leave all other items inside in a meteo station or tent. Please do not forget helmets as cracks and crevasses will definitely meet and you should definitely have these. It is a long way and takes about 6 hours to reach the top of Mt. Kazbek. You are roped with your guide and when you are tired he will stay and is waiting for you. On the way you will cross some crevasses and also one part which we call “Khmaura”, it is place sometimes the stones fall and the helmets are very important to go to this place, but you have very experienced guides and with him you are safe.


mountain guides kazbegi mountain

You are on the Kazbek summit about at 8. O clock a. m. Your dreams come true. It is good adrenaline and you feel what a pleasure to stand on top of a mountain. You will take nice pictures and about max. in one an hour or less you start descending below.

Day 5. Then in the morning, when we wake up, if we want to bring luggage on horseback, at about 10 to 11 o’clock in the morning the horse guide will come to Meteo station and we pick up the prepared luggage. He will bring them down to Stepantsminda and leave them with us at our agency you will take from us. You will come with a guide to the Sameba Trinity church,  we will organize the transfer downwards.

One day is left as a reserve day in case of bad weather conditions, and you will try a second time.

This day we will overnight also in the guesthouse of Stepantminda.

The next day we will rest and prepare for the expedition on Mt. Elbrus.

We will drive in the direction of the Russian border and then to Terskol.  Overnight there in the hotel with meals.

The next morning, we move to Azau. We use the cable car and make acclimatization to about 3700 m. We will make there some acclimatization, return back and overnight in the Hut.

The next day we will acclimate about 4800 m. Overnight in the Hut (4000 m). Early in the morning, we will begin an attack on the mount of Elbrus. It takes about 10 hours both ways.

Reserve day in case of bad weather conditions.

We overnight in Tesrkol.

Return back to Stepantsminda and then to Tbilisi/Kutaisi airport.

The price for 1-person is 1750 EURO.


Advance payment on our bank account 200 Euro and last payment 1550 EURO when we will meet at our Mountain Travel Agency MTA in Stepantsminda.

Group size: from 3 to 12 people. For 3 people 1 guide.

The price includes: certified guide service

Transfer to Sameba Trinity church and back.

Meteo station overnight in tents.

Rental of basic climbing equipment.

Comfortable guesthouse for 2 nights in Stepantsminda with 2 times meals.

Transfers to Terskol, Azau and back to Stepantsminda.

Hotels with meals in Terskol, Azau with meals, other meals we prepare own on the ways.

Cabel car service.



The price does not include:

Meals and cooking.

Visa, but we can help to resolve this problem.

Extra days guide service.

Horse for the luggage to Meteo station and back way down.

Transfers from/to airports.

Summit permit to Mt. Elbrus.




Mountain Travel Agency - featherweight guarantee

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