Mount Kazbek scheduled expeditions


Whenever it comes into consideration of visiting a place where a person has never been before, it is always worth to have a look at the region of Kazbek in Georgia. This is the most gorgeous and beautiful place in the Caucasus with one of the highest mountains in Europe. The picturesque sights are mind blowing and the attractions that we can offer stand second to none. You will visit: high mountain villages, churches, flooded villages, water reservoirs, ancient towns etc. We provide outstanding services in organizing scheduled trips to Kazbek and we have done so for many years. We offer professional guides services who speak several languages including English, German and Russian. All the professional that will guide you on your hiking or extreme tour are all certified to the European standards.
If any of our customers decide to arrange the scheduled tour with us, they can do so by making a contact via email or over the phone. Our representative will get back to you and discuss the details.

Price per person from: 580 EUR Book the tour


Day 1

Our clients will be met next our agency’s office in Stepantsminda (1700 m). If you have any extra luggage that will make your journey uncomfortable, then it can be left in the office. We will then climb towards Meteorological station (3650). It will take approximately eight hours. You will all accommodate yourself inside and outside in tents.

Day 2

Acclimatization hike up 4000 m. Sometime will be spent to learn how to climb so each of you will get some skills and make improvements. Our guides will assist you and provide lessons of how to use climbing equipment and make the knots on the ropes. When it is all finished we will guide you back to the Meteorological station where you will have a little bit of rest.

Day 3

At approximately 2.00 o’clock in the morning your expedition to the top will be commenced as our professional guides will assist you in your climb to the top of the Kazbek mountain. The time of the journey varies but it usually takes roughly 12 hours to get to the top and then make a return to the Meteorological station. Just like before rests and spending night will be inside our outside tents.

Day 4

The day is left as a reservation day. It is made for the purpose of bad weather conditions prevail, so that you have a spare day to repeat climbing attempt.

Day 5

Return back to Stepantsminda.

The tourist season is ideal during the period between May and October. Any individual or a group of individuals who are interested in traveling to Kazbek may contact us and our company will be very happy to organize the trip of your lifetime for you! MTA travel agency is a specialist on providing and designing expeditions to the mountains of Kazbek, Ortsveri and Chaukhi. The tours may be organized for one single individual or a group of people. We approach each client individually and will be ready to satisfy every need of every person who would like to book a trip with us. The expeditions can also be arranged to Svanetian mountains, which include Ushba, Skhara, Tetnuldi and Mount Laila.


Expedition’s dates you can choose:

July:  8-12 July; 15-19 July; 22-26 July.

August: 5-9 August; 12-16 August; 19-23 August.

September: 2-6 September; 9-13 September; 16-20 September.

November:  4-8 November.

December:  2-7


The price per person is 580 EUR.

280 EUR are payable in advance into our bank account as a reservation fee.

The outstanding balance of 300 EUR is payable when we meet at our agency MTA.


Price includes:

  • Bad weather the second day for free.
  • Professional guide/s service. Training and verification of participants.
  • Accommodation outside Meteorological station in tents.
  • General equipment (rope and ice screws). (Note that price does not include private equipment).
  • Cooking services and meals: breakfast, dinner, and supper (impeccable taste).


Price does not include but we can organize:

  • Climbing equipment rental.
  • Transfers from/to airports.
  • Horse for luggage up/down Meteo station.
  • Transfers to Sameba Trinity church up and down.
  • Guesthouse in Stepantsminda.
  • Meteorological station inside accommodation.


The Mountain Kazbek climbing is the main activity that we specialize on. This is why we always pay strong attention to the security that has to be provided to every client that we serve. Safety is the top priority for us. We make sure that every single effort is given to provide our valuable and beloved customers with the highest level of security. The people who will accompany you along the way know the area exceptionally well. They are all certified and passed the tests for providing the first aid. They are all certified climber hence they will provide the maximum assistance during the climb to the top.

The rate of successful climbs to the top of the mountain of Kazbek is very high but it always depends on the weather conditions. This is why we recommend to arrive during the tourist season. We can also provide our clients with plenty of other services that include booking hotels and tickets, making transfers to the airport and to the capital. We can supply horses to carry your luggage, offer the clients with cooking services, providing help in selecting the right guest house, making reservations in advance to stay at Meteorological station and plenty of other staff. All in all we are ready to listen to every wish and desire of our beloved clients and make their wishes to come to fruition.


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All that is left for you to do is to book the tour with us and you will never be disappointed. This is probably the best time that you might have. If you like to explore something new, push the boundaries to the limits and above, enjoy magnificent, rocky mountains views then this is the tour for you! This is completely different compare to any standard excursion! The trip will energize you and leave unforgettable impressions of one of the most beautiful places in the world! Apply for a tour right now and buy a tour with a discount.

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