Mount Kazbek and Chaukhi expeditions


The expeditions to mount kazbek are uniquely designed by our specialists who have plenty of mountain climbing experience and know the area exceptionally well. Each participant can get to any high of this mountain and enjoy the views as well as get one of the greatest and memorable experience of the lifetime. The expedition assumes gradual acclimatization as you and your group mates will climb above. The whole tour will be spread over the course of several days until desired destination is reached as well as several days on the way back.
The Mount Kazbek  expeditions provide the highest safety standards even for these individuals who have never climbed the mountains before. However, it is desired that the tourists do not have any medical problems and their physical form is pretty good. This is truly unforgettable experience because you will be accompanied by professional instructors and guides. All the specialists are certified guides and prepared to provide decent help and support in the emergency situations or if your medical conditions will not allow you to carry on the trip.

Price per person from: 750 EUR Book the tour


Day 1

You are in Stepantsminda at 1700 meters above the sea level. You will not have any problems with acclimatization and you are ready for climbing, have your belongings, equipment, food, etc.
We will meet in our office and proceed with check in at the comfortable guest house. Double or triple rooms with meals are available.

Day 2

In the early morning after breakfast you can leave extra luggage in our office and afterwards transfer to Sameba Trinity church, where we are going to pick up the horses for the trip. The horses will carry your luggage directly to Meteorological station to the high of 3650meters above the sea level as you will carry only small backpacks with you. We will continue the way to Sabertse and then to Meteorological station where you will get accommodation inside or outside in tents.

Day 3

Acclimatization will be hiked up at 4200 meters above sea level. Your guides will teach you how to use rope and other climbing equipment as you will then return back to Meteorological station to have a rest.

Day 4

At approximately 2.00 a. m your expedition will be started as your guides will take you to the top of Kazbek. It takes about 12 hours to reach to the top and return back to Meteorological station. You will rest and spend nights outside in tents.

Day 5

In the early morning our horse guide will take your luggage back to Stepantsminda. Afterwards, there will be descent from Meteorological station to Stepantsminda. Finally, from Sameba Trinity church transfer down.

Day 6

There will be a reserve day just in case if there is bad weather. It should make you to be able to repeated climbing attempt.
In the case of bad weather the second day is going to be free. The following days are to be paid additionally.
There is going to be the chance of having a retry, if on the first day you did not climb to a plateau of 4500 meters above the sea level, which is going to be free of charge. If you reach the plateau and would like to go further above, it is going to be at extra costs.
If you reach the plateau and would like to go further, that will be at extra costs.

Day 7

Departure home.

Rough information about the tour.

The tour to the peak of Kazbek is consisted of different stages that are located on different highs above the sea level. The overnight sleep will be spent in tents in safe places. The food will be brought with you and can be cooked right at the places of the rests. You will be assisted with a thought after advice and professional help from our guides on each stage of the climb. This is going to be a marvelous experience that will long live in your memory. It is up to us to provide the saltiest and high quality trip for each member of the participating team. Our quality standards are tailored to satisfy any potential client and made to the European standards.

Along the way the tourists will be granted access to the participants on the facebook. This is an exceptionally useful thing because the trip will be monitored by other professional and specialists. During the conversations you again will have a unique chance of getting some advice, get proper motivation and each stage of the expeditions will be planned and prepared very well. In detailed training program also can be provided before the departure, so each person will be well prepared for the climb. It ensures that the participants are perfectly aware of the route and aware of dangers that might be on the way of their expedition.


About the destination to the peak of Kazbek or Chaukhi.


Kazbek is the heist mountain in the Caucasus. Its high reaches 5033.8 meters above the sea level. The trip is full of adventures and beautiful sights as you will visit several temples that are located on different highs, meteo station, glace and a mountain pass. The whole mountain is a moderate volcano that offers some moderate difficulties for climbing. The actual difficulty of this route is its length because it will take approximately ten hours to reach the top and then the participants will have to go back.

In order to get to peaks kazbek, the testimony can be made by climbing to the Chaukhi. Here is where skills can be gained and the participants can get some rough experience. There are approximately from 7 to 13 rocky peaks that provide a decent ground for skills to reach the perfection. The high of Chaukhi is 3842 meters above the sea level, so it is also going to be a truly magnificent experience. The sight has been branded as Dolomite of the Caucasus and beloved by many lovers of extreme tours from all over the world.Once the top of the mountain is reached and clear skies will around you the peaks of kazbek will be visible from there.

Duration: 9 days

  • The type of the tourism: Includes extreme tours, climbing and walks in the mountains.
  • The form of the tourism on offer: Sports tours, extreme expeditions and climbing in the mountains.
  • Ideal for people: 16-60 years old.
  • Group size: any groups’ size as well as individual tours
  • Experience requirements: Previous experience in climbing the mountains is desired but not important.
  • Level of difficulty: any type.
  • Options that are included: Medical support.
  • Spoken languages: English, Russian.
  • The start of the program: Kazbek, Georgia.
  • Finish of the program: Kazbek, Georgia.

Requirements to the participants.

  • Each person should be prepared for acclimatization along the whole way hence good physical form is required.
  • Each group will be made from individuals and will be amounted up to 12 people.
  • Children will not be allowed to participate in the expedition.
  • Insurance will have to be arranged in advance.


Some additional information.

  • The tour provider has the right to change the route of the expedition as it may vary on weather conditions and other aspects that may affect the tour.
  • Food will be cooked by the participants themselves.
  • The price of the tour does not include any transfers, excursions, ecological fees or anything else.
  • Additional offers such as booking of a hotel, transfers, excursions, transport, lease of equipment can be provided at extra costs.


How tourists can reach the place to Mount Kazbek.

The participants can should first get to Tbilisi airport and then depended on the final destination whether it will be Kazbek or Chaukhi. Transfers can be provided at extra cost but you can also use buses mini-coaches or taxis. Then people can be located at a hotel, which can also be booked by our professional service in advance, so that you perfectly aware that you will have proper and decent accommodation.

The costs of the tour.

Price per person: from 750 EUR (depends on the size of the group).

400 EUR is paid for reservation. The payment will have to be made on our bank account in advance via bank transfer.

350 EUR when we meet at our agency MTA.

The tour price includes the following:

  • In the case if bad weather prevails the second day will be for free. The following days will be at extra costs.
  • Accommodation in “Altihut 3.014” Hut (optional).
  • Professional guides’ service.
  • Training and verification of the participants.
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Do you like the tour program?

All that is left for you to do is to book the tour with us and you will never be disappointed. This is probably the best time that you might have. If you like to explore something new, push the boundaries to the limits and above, enjoy magnificent, rocky mountains views then this is the tour for you! This is completely different compare to any standard excursion! The trip will energize you and leave unforgettable impressions of one of the most beautiful places in the world! Apply for a tour right now and buy a tour with a discount.

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